The Rover 2017 Joint Public Service Exercise

10-11 April 2017

Each academic year final-year bachelor and master level students of NUPS participate in a two-day long University Joint Public Service Exercise.

The exercise contains related yet different tasks at the leadership level. The main aspect of the event is that the students of all public service professions can exercise the tasks of their respective career paths. The joint public service exercise of 2017 will focus on the migration crisis that emerged between July 2015 and May 2016 in Hungary. During the exercise the management of the emergency situation will be modelled by the operation of public institutions of the affected areas. We intend to model the legislative processes, the joint application of the police and defence forces, the preparatory process of the declaration of the migration emergency situation, as well as the procedures regarding the preparation of the building of the Temporary Border Barrier. Besides, the government, the different commissions, the Ministry of Interior, the Ministry of Defence, the disaster management agency, the town halls, the National Public Health and Medical Officer Service, the Hungarian State Railways, Hungarian bus company (VOLÁN), Budapest Transport Privately Held Corporation, charity organisations were involved as well.

Students acquire the necessary knowledge for the performance of these tasks throughout their training and the preparation phase of the exercise.

Incoming groups from invited international partner institutions participate in the exercise as contributors and spectators.

International guests will be able to participate at a workshop on topics related to the given emergency situation.

The exercise will enjoy the contribution of Hungarian and international experts of law enforcement, defence forces, public administration and other organisations or institutions.


Video of the Joint Public Exercise “The Storm” of 2016: