Sports and recreation

The National University of Public Service put special emphasis on physical education of students. Physical training is a crucial part of the training of military and police officers, however civilian students also have the opportunity to use the sport facilities of the University and they also have participate in regular PE classes.

The faculties of the National University of Public Service have their own sports centres, offering a wide range of indoor and outdoor sports facilities on campus including a swimming pool, gyms, conditioning rooms, a tennis court and a sauna.

The sport centres provide a wide range of sport opportunities: ball games (basketball, football, volleyball, badminton and tennis), combat sports (judo, ju-jitsu) aerobic, table tennis, wall climbing, swimming, strength development and cardio training, equestrian sport, shooting sports, fencing and hiking.

The New Ludovika Campus development project included new sport complex such as an indoor shooting range, fencing hall, a riding course, new track and field stadium and a swimming pool.

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