Péter Smuk has become the acting dean of FPGIS

From 1st of September, Péter Smuk leads the work of the Faculty of Public Governance and International Studies as acting dean. The expert has many years of management experience and conducts extensive domestic and international research activities.

Péter Smuk is a lawyer, a historian, and a professor at the Faculty of Law of the Széchenyi István University in Győr, but for years he has also been affiliated with the National University of Public Service. Between 2014 and 2016 he completed the Public Service Continuing Education Program – methodological training for teachers at NUPS. During the same period, he was the head of e-seminars, a practical instructor and a tutor for the “Governmental Studies” and “Studies in Public Administration” specialized continuing education programs of the Institute of Executive and Continuing Education. His research areas include parliamentarism, parliamentary law, party law, party financing, Hungarian constitutional history, freedom of expression and media law. He is a researcher in the Media Studies Research Group of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, and a lecturer of the media law post-graduate specialist training program at Pázmány Péter Catholic University. From Warsaw to Brussels, Krakow, Berlin, and Toronto he has gained international experiences beyond scientific projects, memberships and conferences.

The acting dean of FPGIS has many years of management experience. In recent years he was the rector of the St. Ignatius Jesuit College, the deputy dean of the Széchenyi István University Faculty of Law, the secretary of its Doctoral School and the head of its Department of Constitutional and Political Science. Peter Smuk is a member of several professional, scientific and non-governmental organizations. The professor recognized by the Master Teacher Gold Medal, the Magyary Zoltán Postdoctoral Scholarship, the title of Excellent Tutor and the Best Publication Award fills the position of acting dean of the Faculty of Public Governance and International Studies from 1st of September.

“Being the dean is a great honor for me because I can be the leader of this institute, which has this unique position and opportunities. In the short term I consider it very important that the merger of the two faculties goes as smoothly as possible and that this organizational transformation creates quality and value” said Péter Smuk. The acting dean of FPGIS stated that they would like to implement such educational reforms in the faculty that are pioneering in the modernization of programs in the Hungarian higher education and which are aiding in international competitiveness.

The Faculty of Public Governance and International Studies started its operation on the 1st of August. The new organizational body was created through the merger of the Faculty of Sciences of Public Governance and Administration (FSPGA) and the Faculty of International and European Studies (FIES). The transformation has kept the achievements and strengths accomplished so far, and has no direct impact neither on the studies of students, nor the effective education or the basic work of the staff who provides its administrative prerequisites. After the merger, the professional and educational portfolios of the faculties remain, so current and prospective students will learn the same, from the same professors and at the same training locations as before.