International Welcome Day at NUPS

In the fall semester, a total of 57 foreign students from about 14 countries are admitted to the National University of Public Service through various student mobility programs. The university held its International Welcome Day on September 5, where the faculties and the Erasmus Student Network were introduced.

At the International Welcome Day of NUPS, the Vice-Rector for International Affairs of the university was the first to welcome foreign students. According to Boglárka Koller, students took the first step: they traveled to Hungary to spend a semester through the Erasmus Mobility Program here. "The Erasmus program is one of the most important benefits of the European integration," said the vice-rector, who added that students primarily came to study, that there are many opportunities at university, and they would not get bored. Boglárka Koller encouraged everyone to: learn some Hungarian words, try Hungarian dishes, see the sights and have fun.
The students attending the International Welcome Day were also welcomed by the newly appointed International Director of NUPS. Klára Breuer previously worked as a diplomat and started working at the university a week ago. She said that Erasmus, which has existed for 30 years, is the most successful of all the programs of the European Union: many students have already participated, gained experience, learned new cultures and improved their knowledge around the world. "This is what I wish for all of you," said the director, who added that foreign students came here at an exciting moment in the history of EU, as Brexit gets closer and there are ongoing debates about the goals and substance of the EU. However, according to the director, there is no need to be scared of the situation as the EU is evolving through crises. Klára Breuer drew the attention of foreign students to the fact that 30 years ago there was a change of regime not only in Hungary but also in the region, and it is worth taking the opportunity to attend numerous lectures on this topic.

At the International Welcome Day, Péter Zachar presented the Faculty of Public Governance and International Studies. “The faculty is committed to educating the new generation of experts for public service,” said the Vice-Dean for International Affairs, who is confident that although the faculty has gone through changes in the last month, the high-quality education has remained the same, and it has a wide range of subjects taught in English. The vice-dean emphasized that professor Jesse Richmann from the Old Dominion University, Norfolk, USA teaches at NUPS, and strongly recommended attending his classes. And if the students like their exchange semester, they can apply for the International Public Service MA program of NUPS, which is taught in English - said Péter Zachar. Pol. col. Bence Mészáros presented the Faculty of Law Enforcement. "The main task of the faculty is to provide students with theoretical and practical knowledge," said the Vice-Dean for Science and International Affairs, who explained the difference between commissioned police officers, who studied at NUPS and police officers who studied at a vocational secondary school. During the International Welcome Day, the students also got to know the students’ union of NUPS. Anna Noszkó, the international rapporteur of the University Students’ Union (EHÖK), wished everyone a successful semester.

In the fall semester of the 2019/2020 academic year, 57 students came to NUPS under the Erasmus + program, two students from Russia through the International Credit Mobility (ICM) program, and two students from Azerbaijan as a result of existing bilateral agreements. There are 53 students in the Faculty of Public Governance and International Studies, three students in the Faculty of Military Sciences and Officer Training, and one student in the Faculty of Water Sciences in Baja. The sending countries are the following: Germany, Turkey, France, Romania, Spain, Italy, Belgium, Russia, Czech Republic, as well as Finland, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, and Azerbaijan.