International Disaster Management Summer School with NUPS's Participation

With participants coming from 5 countries, the topic of the event was the coordination and control of disaster relief teams. Two students represented Hungary. One full-time BA level student and one PhD student as part of his further training. Among the lecturers, NUPS was represented lecturers of the Institute of Disaster Management; Dr. Habil. Ágoston Restás, head of the Department of Fire Protection and Rescue Management, and Dr. Péter Pántya, assistant professor.
The language of the program was in English and it was not about rest at all! Starting early morning, the education finished only after 7 PM each day! The tasks were practice oriented, and following a briefing, each team built its headquarters at a forest clearing. The practiced situational , nonstop 48 hour intervention at a fictional disaster location.

Responsible for organising the training was Prof. dr. Alexandru Ozunu, dean at the Babes Bolyai University, and it took place at the Bethlen castle and its forested park, which is under the management of the Babes-Bolyai University. Dr. Stefanescu Lucrina, researcher and Dr. Zoltán Török also helped in the organisation from Babes-Bolyai. The main trainer and lecturer was Pekka Tiainen disaster management expert from Finland, who has personally worked in numerous disaster relief projects, and Roman Emil also helped his work among the many experts present.

Participating students and lecturers were rewarded for their hard work with certificate of completion worth 4 ETCS points. The consensus among all participants was that despite the tiring workload, the experience was well worth it.