Department of Regional Water Management

Our mission

The need for climate and flood risk resiliency has induced changes in water policies in Europe and thus new challenges in water resources management are arising. Integrated approach and basin-scale, cross-border harmonized water management policies must prevail, and in order to achieve the basin-wide goals, attitudes towards floods and droughts have to be changed. There is a need for an improvement in water-related education and the Department of Regional Water Management also strives for the use of state-of-the-art technologies in day-to-day monitoring, and for the widest possible application of novel numerical modeling techniques.

Our educational profile

The Department of Regional Water Management focusses on Hydrology, Hydraulics, Hydrometry, Geology, Flood Control, Irrigation and Drainage, Water Resources management and River Management.

In education we have classroom lectures, field measurements and laboratory modeling including theory and practice of catchment hydrology processes from small to large scale, the investigation of runoff from the watershed, flash-flood characteristics, modeling of rainfall-runoff processes and hydro-dynamics of rivers. We teach Civil engineering, Environmental engineering and Water operation engineering students, who, after finishing our courses will have hands-on field experience in surveying river morphology, discharge and sediment transport, and issues of river regulation, navigation management and wetland restoration, the history and traditions of European/Hungarian water management. We often organize visits to the the most famous hydraulic structures of the country.

Our students acquire both academic and practical knowledge in water management which enables them to find employment with ease in Water Management and Environmental Engineering or to continue their education in MSc or PhD programmes. We also offer post-graduate specialist engineering training in Flood management, in Nature protection aspect water management as well as in Hydrometry as well as Summer Schools in relation to integrated water management.

The Department of Regional Water Management is well equipped with state-of-the-art measuring instruments for field research, such as ultrasonic depth meters, GPS receivers and flow velocity meters including ADCPs. There are specialist laboratories available. Our Sediment Laboratory meets international standards.


The topics of research at the Department of Regional Water Management are aimed at answering the challenges related to climate change, to the protection of both natural and built environment, and to the preservation of water resources. Sustainable water management is one of the research topics for the near future in which we would like to get more experience.  In water resources engineering, we are interested in remote sensing, data assimilation techniques, general hydrology, hydraulics and computational hydrodynamics alike.


Our team

Dr. Gábor Keve (Associate Professor, Head of Department)

Dr. Tibor Bíró (Associate Professor, Dean)

Dr. Enikő Anna Tamás (Associate Professor, International Coordinator)

János Sziebert (Master Instructor)

Dr. Péter Kovács (Senior Lecturer)

Dr. Péter Kozák (Senior Lecturer)

György Varga (Technical Lecturer)

Johanna Ficsor (Assistant Research Fellow)

Dániel Koch (Assistant Lecturer)

Fruzsina Kata Majer (Technical Assistant)

Sándor Krikovszky (Technical Assistant)

Dávid Csátaljay (Service Staff)

Beáta Lívia Logó (Desk Officer)