NEPTUN upload of thesis work

Thesis Upload Guide


Based on the registration forms that have been submitted earlier, our colleagues have registered the chosen topics in Neptun. You can find the description of your thesis in the system under Studies/Degree thesis/Thesis application.

In order to upload your thesis, the supervisor has to accept your application on Neptun. This is similar to the signing of the consultation paper, however the paper needs to be submitted nevertheless.

The uploading of the thesis to the Neptun system will also be allowed by the supervisor (after the consultation paper has been signed). Following this, the Upload degree thesis button will be available. The student may also submit the final title of the thesis here. One PDF file may be uploaded, which cannot be larger than 15 MB.


Tasks of the student


1.      Thesis upload

Studies/Degree thesis-Thesis application/Thesis application/Upload degree thesis button

After clicking on the upload button, the final title of the thesis can be submitted. For Language, please always set it to Hungarian, since it is not the language of the thesis, but the language of the administration.

The following step is to upload the file, using the Upload file button (please upload it in PDF format and make sure the file is less than 15 MB). Please leave the language set to Hungarian. After this, you will be notified about the successful upload. The digital format is equal to the hard-copy format, so please upload the final version, which has been accepted by the supervisor.


2.      (Optional) Thesis admission request

Studies/Degree thesis-Thesis application/Thesis application/Thesis admission request button

The system will notify the supervisor that the student is ready to submit the finished thesis. Since some functions of the thesis submission system are still under development, we advise you to contact the supervisor via e-mail or in person about the uploading of your thesis.


3.      Viewing the Assessment of the Thesis

Studies/Degree thesis-Thesis application/Thesis application/Reviewer-Consultant/+ sign/View review button 

The assessment of the thesis may be viewed in Neptun under Studies/Degree thesis-Thesis application/Thesis application/Reviewer-Consultant/+ sign/View review button