Guideline of thesis work

Guideline on Diploma work/thesis submission protocol for students of Faculty of Water Science

Submission of the thesis work

The output requirement of the WDMA programme is thesis work preparing.

The deadline of the upload of thesis work in the Neptun system is 30th of April. If it is not happened by the student until the deadline, it is not allowed to him/her to take final exam.

The upload of the thesis work is possible if the supervisor give the permission in the Neptun-system.

(if he doesn’t give the possibility for the student to upload, the bottom of the „Thesis upload” won’t be active) It is strongly recommended to check that this bottom is work before the deadline! If it is not work, please inform the administrator of the department/supervisor.

The submission of the thesis work will be valid only the case if the student upload not only the thesis, but the all prescribed appendix (Appendix 3., 5, 6) in separately documents.


Examination of plagiarism

Only those thesis work would be possible to defend which were checked by control software.

The final version of the thesis work must be sent to the department digitally before the deadline (it is determined by the administrator of the department)

The result of the examination will be sent electronically to the student and the supervisor by the inspection person. (if it does not happen in time the student won’t be enough time to correct the work.)

The latest date to send the thesis work for examination is 15th April!


Evaluation of the thesis work


The evaluation of the thesis work must be arrived back to the department 7 days previous to the final exam. (it has to make available for the student 5 days before the final exam)

The opponents make a suggestion for the classification of the thesis and ask questions for the final exam (it made in 2 copies, - it will be submit to the Neptun system, and 1 copy will be the appendix of the report of the final exam)

If the opponent is not accept the thesis work (it is insufficient), it will be designated a new opponent. If the 2 opponent’s’ opinion is different the defend of the thesis work is possible, if both opponent reject the thesis work the defend of it and the final exam is not possible for the candidate.

The dissertation which was presented on the National Scientific Student Conference is possible to submit as a thesis work if it meets the content and form requirements of the thesis work, and the topic of it was accepted as a diploma topic. If the results is between I-III. place, or gets special prize and the author is only one student, it results excellent without defend.