Information about the defence of thesis/diploma work and final examination

The final examination shall be for checking and evaluating the knowledge, skills, and capacities necessary for obtaining a degree. At the final examination, the student must also demonstrate the capacity to apply the acquired knowledge.

Application for the final examination shall be via the Student Neptun System.

Through the Administration/final exam menu point and click for the exam date (your programme date is written in bold letters).

The pre-conditions and requirements of release for the final exam and thesis defence:

  • thesis work submitted until the deadline (30. April), and critically assessed  thesis work was,
  • application for the final exam through the Neptun system until the deadlie (30. April)
  • holding a pre-degree certificate (a pre-degree certificate must be provided to a student who has fulfilled the academic and examination requirements and professional practice specified in the curriculum and also obtained the credits and criteria requirements specified in training and outcome requirements with the exception of the thesis work credits.
  • there is no debt to the university.

At the Faculty of Water Science in accordance with the curriculum the final examination comprises two modules:

  •  defence of thesis work
  •  comprehensive oral examination (the questions of the final examination must be published on the website at least 60 days before the final examination period).

Defence of the thesis/diploma work

The members of the final examination board shall study the submitted thesis/diploma work and the questions outlined by the opponent, preceding the final examination, and they may also pose questions to the student during the defence. The department organising the defence of the thesis/diploma work obliges the student to provide a computer-based presentation as it is in the TVSZ Appendix 5. 

The defence shall contain the following (in maximum 8-15 slides):

  • title of the thesis/diploma work, name of the author and the supervisor (1 slide)
  • a justification of the choice of topic, the structure of the thesis/diploma work (1-2 slide),
  • the main correlations of the studied topic (more slides)
  • the presentation of the chapter/part deemed the most important by the author (2-? slide)
  • answers to the questions set forth by the opponent.

The assessment shall be conducted by the final-examination board taking into consideration the evaluation of the opponent(s), the contents and quality of the thesis/diploma work, as well as its topic-related knowledge, reasoning, justification, argumentativeness and eloquence. The final grade of the thesis/diploma work shall be decided by the final-examination board in accordance with the regulations of the final examination.

Comprehensive oral examination

The examination contains the main fields of the programmes:

  • The international water law
  • The water legislation in the European Union
  • Water-related cooperation in the Danube Basin
  • Introduction to diplomacy
  • Fundamental questions of water conflict management
  • The institutions and procedures of water conflict management.

The planned date of final exam for the WDMA students in 2022 is between 21 and 23 of June.

The results of the final examination

The result of the final examination shall consist of the mathematical average of the grades received. However, a fair lat any modules shall automatically result in a failed final examination.

In general, the result of the final examination shall consist of the mathematical average of the grades given for the thesis (TH), and the oral module of the final examination (FE).

Final Exam result = (TH+FE)/2

The final examination shall be successful if the grading of each module is not lower than a „pass”.

A final examination shall be failed if the student fails to defend his/her thesis of the performance of any module of the final examination is assessed „fail”.

In the case of a failed thesis defence the student shall not be allowed to take any oral theoretical exam.

The results of the final examination shall be announced by the chairman of the final-examination board at the end of the examination day.

The Diploma

Ont the basis of the completed final examination and of the language examination specified in the training and outcome requirements of the faculty the University shall issue the student a diploma within 30 days upon the successful completion of the final examination and the verification of the fulfillment of language requirements by the student.

The quality of the Diploma

The Diploma qualification, unless the course curriculum provides otherwise, shall consist of the simple average of the following:

  • the grade for the defence of the thesis (diploma work);
  • the grade for the oral part of the final examination;
  • the grade for the final practical exam (if applicable)
  • the (two-decimal) average of the academic average of the completed semesters.

(TH+FE+ P +(A1+…+A4)/n/4

if the final exam has no practical elements included:


The degree classification shall be based on the following limits taking into account the value calculated with the use of the above method:

  • excellent, if the average is 5,00…;
  • outstanding, if the average is: 4,51 to 4,99;
  • good, if the average is: 3,51-to 4,50;
  • satisfactory, if the average is: 2,51 to 3,50;
  • pass if the average is: 2,00 to 2,50.

The student with an excellent diploma qualification shall graduate with excellent result. Those with outstanding diploma qualifications and minimum of 4,51 examination average shall also graduate with excellent results.

The planned date of graduation ceremony at the Faculty of Water Science in 2022 is 8th of July.