Department of Water and Environmental Policy




The Department of Water and Environmental Policy is responsible for the curriculum of the master level course „International Water Policy and Water Diplomacy” and is in the process to establish and develop a course on „Sustainable Development” within the frames of the Ludoviceum. The Department’s other main activities include

  • scientific research,
  • the development and maintaining of scientific networks,
  • the monitoring and applications for scientific tenders in the fields of international water policy and state responsibilities in connection with sustainable development.





Tasks of the State in the field of sustainable development
International aspects of sustainability



From sustainability to resilience
SDGs as a global experiment of the UN on a development policy based on science
The status of sustainability in Hungary
Beginnings and bases of the environmental policy of the EU
Global megatrends


Dr. Sándor FÜLÖP

Environmental law
Certain fields of sustainable development – fight against poverty, hunger, access to health and quality education
Communication and conflict resolution
Local governments and environmental protection
Water and environmental law
Introduction to communication sciences


Dr. István ZSUFFA



Dr. Éva ÁCS



TOPICS for THESIS and for scientific activity of student societies (OTDK)



1. Goals and tasks in the UN document on sustainable development „Transforming our world” with a special stress on national activities

2. The role of Hungary in SDG 6 (water and sanitation) implementation and global support

3. Necessity of indicators in connection with water, their implementation, validity and lack in international monitoring of sustainable development

4. Environmental burdens on and protection of the water body of Lake Balaton in the last 50 years – an interrelationship with the pattern of the institutional stakeholders and change of their entitlements

5 Ethical frames of the relationship between man and water in the mirror of the official declarations of the national historical churches


Dr. Sándor FÜLÖP PhD

1. Decisions of the Constitutional Court in the field of environmental protection (with special emphasis of the two basic environmental decisions in 1994 and in 2015)

2. The family of legal institutions of environmental impact assessment (EIA, SEA, environmental evaluation, environmental supervision, examination in bankruptcy procedure, environmental evaluation of other branches of administrative law), a comparison of their elements and effectiveness

3. Implementation of the Aarhus Convention in the European and in the Hungarian Law (with a special stress on the case law of the Aarhus Compliance Committee)

4. Air Quality Plans (with a special stress on their timeliness and tools for effective implementation)

5. Cultural events on public places – a complex legal analysis from the angle of noise protection, waste management, commercial law, spatial planning and others at the scope of authority of the municipalities

6. Basic principles of waste management law – their comparison to the general principles of environmental law

7. Appearance of the ecological services concept in environmental law (primarily in nature protection law, but also in certain branches of administrative law)

8. Environmental burdening from alternative energy sources (especially waste, nature, water protection and noise protection)

9. Fields of administrative law closely related to environmental protection (same subject but different legal approaches in the three major fields: health, agriculture and industry regulations)


Research areas:

Sustainable development and the tasks of the State

Research to ground the general legislation for sustainable development



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