Department of Regional Water Management - Thesis topics

Dr. Gábor KEVE

Investigation of discharge measurement procedures based on the Velocity-Area method

Ice protection, ice monitoring

Regional Water Management

Applied Technical Hydrology

Traditional possibilities of hydropower utilization

Interaction of surface and groundwater


Dr. Tibor BÍRÓ

Water supply and irrigation technology issues of irrigation development

Hydrological, technical and agronomic conditions of inland water management


Dr. Péter KOVÁCS

Spatial and temporal changes in the quantity of soil, layer and karst waters

Examination of the interactions of surface and groundwater

Exploration of local and regional water management problems and their solution possibilities

The morphological questions of surface and groundwater systems

Hydrometric devices and their application possibilities

Examination and analysis of water level and discharge measurement methods

Hydrological characterization of Hungarian watercourses

Examination of the water regime of Hungarian watercourses based on long-term time series

Hydrological and hydro-meteorological extremities and their effects on water management – flood, inland water, drought


Dr. Péter KOZÁK

Application possibilities of artificial intelligence in water management

Hydrological/water management applications of self-learning algorithms

Impact of complex landscape uses on the territorial occurrence of water resources

Possibilities and limitations of engineering methods for the preservation of water resources

Dynamic operating conditions of water networks in regional water management

Modern assembly theories in regional water management

Design and application issues of mobile walls


Dr. Zsuzsanna ENGI

·         The development of flash floods, their effects, the involvement of settlements, with proposed solutions

Analysis of the effects of flash floods on small watercourses in the hills, with proposed solutions

Examination of hilly rain storage possibilities

Examination of watersheds exposed to hilly erosion, with proposed solutions

Examination of the water retention possibilities of small watercourses in the hills, water retention with blue or green reservoirs

Rehabilitation of dead riverbranches as wetlands

Methods of protection against water deficit damage in hilly areas

Near-natural water management - design to make artefacts passable

Small streams in the urban environment - a solution between floods and water scarcity

Investigation of plant zonation between the coastal strip of small watercourses and agricultural areas

Investigation of the development of the floodplain of hilly watercourses and rivers, changes in floodwave propagation


Dr. Zoltán Árpád LIPTAY

Investigation, application and further development of hydrological forecasting methods

Simulation of rainfall-runoff processes in small watersheds

Hydrodynamic modelling: investigation of the propagation of floodwaves, construction and operation of artefacts, the effect of water regulation, low water periods with one, two and three dimensional hydrodynamic models

Morphodynamic modeling: short- and long-term investigation of sediment conditions using numerical methods

Development of hydrodynamic models

Development and construction of hydrological forecasting systems

Forecasting of river water temperatures and ice conditions, examination of methods

Application of artificial neural networks in hydrology


DrEnikő Anna TAMÁS

Designing fish ponds on flat and hilly areas

Hydrological statistical studies

Reconstruction/rehabilitation of wetlands

Fluvial hydraulics, river management

Methods of the investigation of sediment transport in watercourses

Monitoring and modelling of subsurface waters


Dániel KOCH

Experiments in the Magyaregregy experimental catchment

Examination of surface waters in the experimental catchment of Magyaregregy

Investigation of precipitation in the experimental catchment of Magyaregregy

Hydrological modelling of watersheds

Hydrodynamic modelling of rivers

Rehabilitation of floodplains

Soil mechanics tests


Johanna FICSOR

Investigating flood protection options using 1D numerical modelling

Examination of the water retention possibilities on small watercourses in the hills with the support of 1D – 2D modelling

Examination of the rehabilitation of dead branches with the support of modeling

Examination of riverbed development –  riverbed migration

River regulation close to nature




Dr. Enikő Anna TAMÁS

Multidisciplinary research of the morphological and ecological processes of large rivers - primarily the Danube - and floodplains. Investigation of fluvial sediment transport.

Technical hydrology, hydrological statistics.

Establishing the sustainable and wise use of reed habitats, exploring the relationship between habitat changes and the population dynamics of reed communities, formulating proposals for habitat management and habitat reconstruction. Research on the lifestyle and migration of some bird species associated with wetlands in connection with habitat management practices.