Institute of National Security


repserger istvan

Dr. habil. (Col.) István Resperger PhD, Associate Professor
Head of Institute

Colonel Resperger is a former amour commander, and an expert of the General Staff. He is also an alumnus of the German Military Command and Staff College, an experienced university lecturer, leader of military executive trainings, and researcher for security policy issues. He was a recipient of the Bolyai János Researchers Fellowship between 2008 and 2011, and his main fields of research are crisis management, terrorism, asymmetric warfare, Islam fundamentalism, and new generation war.



Office: Hungária krt. 9-11., H-1101 Budapest, Hungária Campus, Building 41., Room 1
Phone: +36 (1) 432-9000/29220

The Institute’s education offer is widespread: it contains – apart from BSc and MSc programs with both military and civilian specialization – participation in the so-called Public Service Basics, where all students are taught the basics of national security; a doctorate course; several course units on the National Security Command and Staff Course and on the Higher Military Command and a Staff Course.

Degree Programmes


The degree programmes of the Institute of National Security deepen and systematize the knowledge of the colleagues of national defense agencies who are authorized to collect confidential information, with the aim of bringing their career to a higher level. The degree programmes are mainly available in a part-time schedule since their framework and content is tailored to the needs of the national defense agencies as the recipients of the service. The curriculum includes lessons in the legal-organizational framework, the background of the security policy of the confidential information collection, its techniques and methods, certain elements and the background of national security task management, along with the methodology of scientific research.

BA in National Security with specialisation in:

  • military national security
  • civilian national security
  • counter-terrorism

MA in National Security with specialisation in:

  • military national security
  • civilian national security

Special Application

Due to the unique nature of the profession, the application process is also unusual. The bachelor and master’s level degree programmes are only open to colleagues of those government agencies that are authorized to collect confidential information. The applicants are required to have a recommendation from their commander who is authorized to enroll them, and they have to pass the security clearance review. An approximate 80% additional applications are received than there are spaces available in the program. It is highly competitive.

Teaching Staff with Field Experience

Lecturers represent practical experience in the field of national intelligence and leadership along with scientific qualifications. Working on new curricula, books, publications, and presentations is all part of the day-to-day routine, although teaching is the central duty. Cooperation inside the university with scientific companies and the different training and research bodies of the military, law enforcement, and intelligence communities has been established and continues  to be deepened.

In reference to the leadership and the structure of the institute:

  • Military National Security Department
    Head of Department.: Dr. Ferenc Kaiser PhD
  • Civilian National Security Department
    Head of Department: Colonel Dr. Dobák Imre nb.
  • Counter-Terrorism Department
    Head of Department: Dr. Ágnes Hankiss

Recent Achievements

The Institute founded an academic periodical, the National Security Review in 2013 to present the scientific results of professionals, teachers, researchers and students related to national security issues. Successful conferences were held and organized by the Institute on energy safety and security, cyber security and peacekeeping in the last years. The Institute organized an international conference about “Intercultural and Religious Differences in Contemporary Conflicts” in 2015.

One Security Policy Training Course for Executives and another Course on Cyber Warfare and Cyber Security are under development. Supporting and mentoring the members of Advanced College for Security Policy is an important talent man – agreement task of the Institute. The College is knowledge pool of ambitious and talented students.