Department of the Theory of Investigation

Department of the Theory of Investigation

The Department of the Theory of Investigation is one of the two departments of the Faculty of Law Enforcement responsible for teaching subjects related to criminalistics both in bachelor and in master degree programmes (the other department is the Department of Forensic Sciences). The main task of the Department is to teach the students the theoretical basics of criminalistics, the relevant knowledge needed to conduct criminal investigations and the special techniques and procedures used in solving criminal cases (methods of crime scene investigation, police line-up, reconstruction, interrogation techniques etc.) The teaching activity of the Department focuses on helping the students to develop the investigator’s mindset, by introducing them how to formulate investigative hypotheses and how to work with those hypotheses during the investigation. Apart from the theoretical part of criminalistics, which includes policing strategies in modern law enforcement, the Department also puts emphasis on the practical skills needed to carry out investigative actions. In the framework of practical classes organised in the special educational rooms at the university campus (e.g. the so-called “Tactical House”, a simulated environment functioning as a pub, a bank and a flat) the students have the opportunity to practice search of premises, interrogation, police line-up etc. in fictional criminal cases, supervised by the six teachers of the Department, who are all police officers.


Head of Department of the Theory of Investigation

Dr. Bence Mészáros PhD, police colonel is an associate professor and teacher in criminalistics. His areas of research are the theory of criminalistics, policing strategies, and using covert intelligence in criminal cases, especially undercover policing. He wrote his PhD thesis on this topic in 2011. He is also a legal expert in criminal procedure law.


Contact Information

Department of the Theory of Investigation

Postal address: 1441 Bp. Pf. 60. (P.O. Box)

Office: 1083 Budapest, Üllői út 82., University of Public Service Educational Centre, Room Nr. 331.


Telephone: 00 36 1 432 9075

Head of Department: Dr. Bence Mészáros PhD, pol. colonel, associate university professor

Secretariat: Ildikó Terczy