Exchange Studies

Exchange programmes are for students who are already enrolled in a higher education institution and would like to conduct studies for one or two semesters in a foreign University. The advantages of these programmes are:

  • students usually don’t have to pay tuition fee, furthermore, they can get a scholarship,
  • they don’t have to go through the normal enrolment procedures,
  • they are based on institutional relations, therefore coordinators can help the exchange process,
  • students can have their foreign courses recognised in their home institution,
  • students can broaden their knowledge, make new relationships, and boost their professional career.

As a member state of the European Union NUPS is actively engaged in the Erasmus+ programme through which all the faculties and doctoral schools accept exchange students from all around the world. Besides its European partners, NUPS has partners in Israel, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, China, South-Africa, Egypt and Russia with whom student and staff exchange programmes have been successfully fulfilled recently while the scope of partner countries and partner institutions is continuously expanding.

Another opportunity to conduct exchange studies at NUPS is the Stipendium Hungaricum scholarship offered by the Hungarian government, which not only accepts full-degree applications, but is open for exchange studies as well.

The CEEPUS scholarship is targeting students from Central and Eastern European countries. Although our University is currently not participating in any CEEPUS network, we are ready to accept freemover students.

Apart from the Erasmus+ programme several students conduct exchange studies according to bilateral agreements. These programmes are usually based on individual agreements between the institutions.