Scholarship granted by the Hungarian state

According to the Act CCIV of 2011 on National Higher Education, the following person are eligible for scholarship (as of 2019) :




23. Entrance and Enrolment

Section 39

(1) Every Hungarian citizen shall have the right to undertake studies in programmes fully or partially financed through scholarships granted by the Hungarian state [hereinafter jointly referred to full or partial state scholarships] or pay full tuition. In addition, this right shall extend to

a) persons enjoying the right to freedom of movement and stay specified in separate legislation;

b) refugees, asylum seekers, persons admitted, immigrants and settled persons not falling under the scope of Point a);

c) foreign nationals treated identically to Hungarian citizens on the grounds of international treaties and conventions;

d) citizens of countries in which Hungarian citizens are entitled to use state higher education services based on the principle of reciprocity;

e) persons living in neighbouring countries falling under the scope of the Act on Hungarians Living in Neighbouring Countries (hereinafter Preferential Act), however, not possessing Hungarian citizenship or enjoying the right to freedom of movement and stay;  

f) citizens of third countries identifying themselves as a Hungarian national in accordance with the Act on the Entry and Stay of Nationals of Third Countries, on condition that the individual does not fall under the scope of the Preferential Act and does not possess Hungarian citizenship;

g) citizens of third countries issued a permit (EU Blue Card) authorising stay and employment in areas in which high-level qualifications are required.

(2) Individuals not specified above under Paragraph (1) shall be required to pay the full tuition fee.”


The full text of the Act can be found on the website of the Hungarian Accreditation Committee: