Erasmus+ scholarship

The Erasmus+ programme makes distinction between the so called “programme” and “partner” countries. Programme countries are the member states of the European Union, Lichtenstein, Norway, Iceland, Macedonia and Turkey.

Partner countries are all other countries that are not included in the programme countries, however not all countries participate in the programme. The list of partner countries is constantly being expanded, the actual list can be found on the EU’s website.

For programme countries the amount of the scholarship is around 400 – 500 EUR/student/month for the purpose of studies. Students can also apply for extra funding based on social eligibility, which is ~ 100 EUR plus per month and they can also apply for extra funding in case of specific illnesses or disabilities.

Scholarship rates for mobilities for the purpose of placements are between 500-600 EUR/student/month.

For study mobilities between partner countries the scholarship rates are different:

  • From programme countries to Hungary: ~ 750 EUR/student/month.
  • From Hungary to programme countries: ~ 650 EUR/student/month.
  • Extra fund for travel costs to both directions: ~ 180 – 1100 EUR / student depending on the distance between the institutions