Entry requirements

In order to get admission to Ludovika-UPS, you have to meet the general entry requirements outlined below. Some courses and programmes may have additional requirements, such as more in-depth knowledge of certain subjects or previous academic studies within certain areas.

Please consult the sites of the programmes to get further information on the specific requirements.


Entry Requirements for master studies

To get admission to a master-level degree programme, applicants have to present a bachelor degree (or equivalent), that includes the completion of at least 180 ECTS credits. Final year students are also encouraged to apply, presenting the diplomas after graduation is allowed in the application process.

In general, students must have an education background that is related to the programme they are applying for. In this regard each programme has different requirements.

An assessment of your previous academic qualifications in relation to the general entrance requirements will be made by the University.

Please note that you must provide adequate supporting documentation in the form of diplomas or official transcripts specifying all courses completed. Upon successful application, the original documents have to be presented as well. All documentation has to be in English or provided with an official English translation.


Entry requirements for PhD studies

PhD applicants have to meet higher requirements than other applicants. 

Prospective students are to have Master's degree, or its equivalent certifying completed university studies and qualification.

Prospective students also have to obtain the acceptance of their research topics by their future supervisor and consultant.

Please note that individual “preparation” and “individual training” are special forms of education that have further requirements.


Entry requirements for exchange studies

Exchange students are selected by their sending institutions, therefore they need to meet the criteria set by them. Students applying for exchange studies don’t have to provide diplomas or transcripts. A general requirement is to be enrolled in a study programme at the home institution that is related to the studies to be chosen at Ludovika-UPS. Another requirement is to apply for the same level of studies at Ludovika-UPS as the students conduct at the home institution.