Information Sheet for inbound foreign students at the University of Public Service

Due to recently worsening pandemic situation in Hungary you must be aware that in the dormitory of UPS the number of COVID-infected students and students suspected of being infected has been increasing.

According to the recently introduced measures of the Government of Hungary, from 1 September 2020, as a general rule, foreign (non-Hungarian) citizens arriving from abroad can only enter Hungary if a special entry permission (exemption permission), acquired prior to their travel, is obtained from the Hungarian Police Authorities.

Procedure of application for the official exemption permission and the process of obtaining the necessary University certificate of student status:

Non-Hungarian citizen travellers arriving to Hungary from foreign countries shall be only allowed to enter Hungary if:

  • they successfully obtain the special permission of the Hungarian police authorities under the terms of the restricted exemption procedure or
  • entitled to permanent residence in Hungary or
  • holding a valid Hungarian residence permit (including Study Purpose) issued by the Authority of DG for Aliens Policing for a duration exceeding 90 days and presents this document upon entry (“D” type visa is equivalent).

All students shall acquire permission to enter Hungary from the Competent Hungarian police department at the following link:

Equity request to enter the country

For obtaining assistance and the necessary University certificate of student status all applicants shall approach the International Directorate of the University via the following email: A form filled by the applicants and duly stamped and certified by the University will be returned to the students and shall be presented upon entry at the border.

All students shall undergo a medical examination at the airport,

  1. a person who is suspected of being infected by a health examination may not enter the territory of Hungary,
  2. a person who is not suspected of being infected during the health inspection, shall be placed in mandatory official quarantine for 14 days by the competent epidemiological authority.

If the University of Public Service received the two negative test e-certificates from the student before entry, mandatory official quarantine and care will be provided at the dormitory. Please note that Students must be aware that infected students may appear in our dormitory!

At the request of the quarantined person, the epidemiological authority competent to issue the quarantine decision may allow the quarantined person to undergo, within 5 days, at least 48 hours apart, twice a Hungarian molecular biological test in accordance with professional health rules – SARS-CoV-2 PCR test – participate in order to grant an exemption under paragraph 5.

Our University requests each guest student and visitors to take two approved COVID-19 tests with negative results, taken in a period of 5 days, in an interval exceeding 48 hours between the two tests. Only those persons shall be authorized to enter the University Campus and its other premises, who can prove consequently, that none of the above required tests reveal SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus in their body.

Students staying in the Dormitory of the University – where infected students may appear- shall immediately notify the Head of the Dormitory if the followings should occur:

  • experiencing symptoms of COVID
  • roommate of a person who is infected with COVID or has symptoms of COVID
  • has been in contact* with a person who is infected with COVID or who had symptoms of COVID

(*definition of “contact”: someone was within 2 meters near the infected or suspected person)

In case mandatory home quarantine due to epidemic situation is later required by the Hungarian authorities the address specified on entry documents as accommodation after entering Hungary will be appointed (e.g.: the dormitory for the students who applied for it).

In case mandatory home quarantine is not required by the Hungarian authorities, involved students requested:

  • to arrange without delay to be transported to a secure accommodation in that way to avoid potential further infections;
  • if it is not possible to leave the University premises, University authorities shall arrange for the necessary complete isolation in accordance with the relevant regulations of the University, to protect the safety and health of fellow students and University staff.

In both cases student is not allowed to enter UPS educational buildings. If the incapacitation of student related with the pandemic (e.g. illness, mandatory home quarantine or voluntary quarantine) last for more than three weeks, the University provides distance learning.

Distance learning includes all forms and methods of education with which student is able to fulfil all obligations without personal presence.   

Budapest, 2 September 2020

Dr. András Koltay