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Allow me to present our institution's mission, main goals and objectives!

Following the Act CXXXII of 2011 on the National University of Public Service and on higher education in public administration, law enforcement, and military (NUPS Act), the university opened its gates on the 1st of January 2012, with the aim of developing highly trained and efficient personnel in the field of public administration, law enforcement, defence and other areas of public service both in national and international level.

The university, which was established through the merger of three separate higher educational institutions, namely the Zrínyi Miklós National Defence University, the Police College and the Faculty of Public Administration of Corvinus University of Budapest, started a new faculty in 2015 on international and European studies and later in 2017 it has integrated the water science education of the Eötvös József College of Baja, thus created the Faculty of Water Sciences. Our university has four Faculties, four Doctoral Schools and one of Hungary’s most modern and prettiest university campus. After a complete renovation, the historical Ludovika Main Building was opened in March 2014. In September 2017, the new Educational Centre and the Law Enforcement Educational Building and Residence Hall were opened for the university citizens. The Educational Centre has a capacity of 3955 students at a time and it also has large seminar rooms, laboratories and reading rooms. The Ludovika Residence Hall, Constructors’ Niveau Prize laurate in 2017, the Ludovika University Sport Centre including sport halls, swimming pool, shooting-range and outdoor sport field as well as the Ludovika Hussars Riding Hall are also available for the university students.

The unique and modern infrastructure of the university provides a solid base for high-level education, strong university community by keeping up with the dynamic educational development of the 21st century and with the infrastructural qualities of leading European universities. Therefore, our mission and duty is to train professionals on Bachelor, Master and Doctoral level who dispose of an up-to-date and advanced knowledge, who can make independent decisions and who are well prepared for their job both intellectually and physically. The graduates are not only capable of adapting to the labour market requirements but they are also able to utilize the acquired knowledge in the public service area. I firmly believe that by continuously improving the performance indicators of the National University of Public Service and by maintaining the old traditions of the institution, we can achieve a high quality education in all four faculties of the university, which can be a worthy “alma mater” for those who are committed to the public service.

In the area of public administration, diplomacy, law enforcement, national defense and national security as well as in water science, the experts fulfil the fundamental roles of the state, therefore the BA, MA and PhD programmes and the research opportunities of our university play a major role in putting into practice the good state and good governance concept, with particular attention to the fact that the institutions of the Hungarian state are the key strategic partners of our university. Furthermore, I would like to highlight that the vision and the objective of the institutional development of the National University of Public Service is to become the “university of cooperation”, the model of efficient collaboration between societal requirements, national-strategic governmental objectives, and university-level autonomy.

Our successes in the public service training system and in the administrative examination system speak for themselves: the National University of Public Service has built the largest adult education e-learning system in Hungary, the nearly 300,000 training courses organized annually have a positive effect on the quality of the public service education.

Beside education, research is also of utmost importance at our university. The National University of Public Service conducts research not only at its faculties and institutes, but also at specialised, thematic research centres lead by renowned and experienced professors and experts. As part of our talent management programme, our students have the possibility to choose from seven special colleges. Dedicated researchers will have the opportunity to obtain a PhD degree, as our university is entitled to organize doctoral programme based on the Act CCIV of 2011 on National Higher Education and on the institutional accreditation granted by the Hungarian Accreditation Committee. NUPS provides accredited doctoral programme in military sciences, military engineering, law enforcement and public administration sciences. In 2018, our institution acquired international accreditation after successfully completing the Institutional Evaluation Programme of the European University Association. 

I wish you a pleasant stay on our website and I hope you will find all the necessary information.

Dr. András KOLTAY