Ludovika Project

Building the Future on Historical Grounds - The New Campus

ludovika foepulet

According to the government’s decision of 2012, the former Ludovika Academy was designated to become the administrative centre of the University, thus giving a new profile to the institution. The main objective of the government and of the management of the university was to provide outstanding, high-standard infrastructure to both the students and the employees of the university through the reconstruction of the whole area including the former Academy and the Orczy Park. The so called Ludovika Project is being realised in several steps between 2013 and 2018 with nearly 34.5 billion of governmental fund.


Ludovika Main Building

The Main Building of the Ludovika Campus gives home to the Faculty of the International and European Studies and to the central administrative units of the University. The original neo-classicist building was designed by the renowned architect Mihály Pollack who also directed the construction. In accordance with his heritage, the renovators showed great care throughout the renewal process of the building and the installation of 21st century infrastructure and equipment. As a result of their huge efforts, the Ludovika main building received the Constructors’ Niveau Prize, one of the greatest acknowledgments of the profession in Hungary.

The renovation of the building was finished in March 2014.

Finished: 2014


Ludovika Residence Hall

The newly built residence hall designed by the Finta and Associates Architecture Studio provides a modern living environment for the students. The building not only accommodates students, but it also provides high-quality guest rooms for visiting professors and delegations. Besides its basic function, the building also provides suitable offices for the different students’ associations and an adjustable auditorium that can be separated into smaller rooms thus being capable for hosting lectures or even conferences.

Finished: 2015


New educational building

The new educational facility is currently being built between the Main Building and the residential building. Two large capacity halls (for 300 and 500 persons), more than 70 auditoriums and training rooms, an underground garage and a canteen will serve the needs of students and lecturers in the new building. According to the plans, the Faculty of Science of Public Governance and Administration and the Faculty of Law Enforcement will be hosted by the facility.

Finished: autumn 2017


Special educational and residential building

To satisfy the needs of the special training programmes offered by the University, an educational block designed peculiarly for law enforcement training is going to be constructed in the Diószeghy Sámuel Street.

Finished: autumn 2017


Sport facilities

Although the University already has several sport halls, it is a main objective to provide the most suitable conditions for the special training of future police and military officers as well as promoting a healthy and sporty lifestyle among civilian students. The new facility will include a multifunctional sports hall, a swimming pool, a shooting-range as well as outdoor sport fields, open also for the public.

Expected completion: autumn 2017


Ludovika square

The Ludovika Square was handed over along with the Main Building. The square serves as the foreground of the campus, therefore shaping the landscape and enhancing the green area was a top priority.

Finished: 2014


Orczy Park and Riding Hall

The reconstruction of the park is beneficial not only for the University, but for the residents of the 8th District as well. The refurbished playgrounds and lake will serve the needs of the locals, while a renovated park will be open also for the public. The University is committed to preserve the nature, therefore the existing vegetation is only changed upon the opinion of competent experts and with official authorization. Nearly 200 will be planted during the constructions and the green area will be increased by one hectare with the rehabilitation of the currently closed areas.

The Riding Hall will include an indoor one with several boxes and a jumping course.

Expected completion: end of 2017