Institute of Hydraulic Engineering and Water Management

Institute of Hydraulic Engineering and Water Management


The Institute for Water Supply and Environmental Engineering traditionally has an educational function related to the bachelor courses in civil engineering and environmental engineering. The Institute’s staff mainly participate in the teaching of the specialised subjects of water supply and sewerage to civil engineers and water treatment and sewage treatment to environmental engineers, and – particularly related to the teaching of environmental engineering – they also have a significant role in teaching core subjects; they are also involved in teaching some of the subjects of the regional water management specialisation.

The training of engineers specialising in water supply and sewerage coordinated by the Institute looks back on a history of several decades, and its foundations were laid by the continuous and rapid development of water treatment technologies. The integration of the latest water and sewage technology developments into the curriculum is given a particular emphasis during the courses.

The educational centre of the Institute for water technology underwent significant development. As a result, a practical training facility was created with equipment and instrumentation unique in Hungary and rare even internationally, and which also offers opportunities for the professional development of educators in addition to the traditional educational activities.

Also as a result of the development of the educational centre of the Institute for water technology, the application and research activities of the Institute have intensified over the past years.

There is or has been research at the Institute in the fields of drinking water treatment, sewage treatment and the condition of surface waters in the framework of joint R+D projects.