Institute for Hydraulic Engineering and Water Management

The Institute looks back on a history of almost 50 years of higher education in the field. With eight-semester civil engineering and seven-semester environmental engineering bachelor courses, the Institute emphasises essential skills in mathematics, information technology, technology and regional water management.

Institute for Water Supply and Environmental Engineering

The Institute for Water Supply and Environmental Engineering has an educational function related to the bachelor courses in civil engineering and environmental engineering. The Institute’s faculty focus on teaching specialized subjects of water supply and wastewater for civil engineers and water treatment and wastewater treatment for environmental engineers. In addition, the faculty has a significant role in teaching core subjects and are also involved in teaching topics relating to regional water management specialization.

Institute for Sustainable Development Studies

Sustainable development is a core task of modern government. In recognition of the importance of the issue, NUPS has established a Institute for Sustainable Development Studies (ISDS) whose mission is to introduce sustainability considerations into the entire spectrum of the University’s educational, research and community activities as well as to contribute to the environmentally friendly operation of the University itself. The Institute, established in July 2015, plays a significant role in the interdisciplinary research of sustainability. The Development Plan of the University has long acknowledged the emerging need for a think tank connected with the conventional fields of sustainability and its applications in public decision-making and administration.