Faculty of Water Sciences

The special characteristics and offer of courses and last but not least the geographical location of the Faculty provide unparalleled conditions for the development of the institution. The educational building of the Faculty is located in one of the most scenic areas of Baja, the banks of the Sugovica, a branch of the Danube. As the only higher education institution of the town, it has a special role in its cultural, educational and scientific life. The institution set itself the mission of contributing to the social advancement of the region and the country by training educators, hydraulic engineers and economists. It is a credit to the professional attitude of the institution that its trainers and educators achieved national and international acknowledgement for the Faculty. The educational profile has been developed to emphasize education to a multicultural attitude, environmental protection, and coaching for more successful communication, which are priorities of the EU. Specialised further trainings offer opportunities for adults in Hungary to pursue life-long learning. Expertise, practice, contacts. These are the three things that best describe our institution, offering our students a modern, high-standard, practice-oriented education and networking capital that lasts a lifetime, responding to the challenges of the 21st century.