Degree Programmes

Academic programmes

Degree programmes

BA in Public Administration Management (3-year-long programme – 180 ECTS)
(only in Hungarian)

with specialisations in:

  • General Administration
  • International Public Administration
  • Tax Administration

Graduates of BA in Public Administration Management are “generalists” who are capable of leading, managing and organising various tasks at various levels of central and local administration. Based on the broadening competence of administration, this requires sufficient knowledge of law, management, administration and economics. In line with these requirements, graduates are able to fulfillfulfil various expectations in the fields of public service human resources, financial management and controlling, along with having adequate competence in IT and project management.


MA in Public Administration (2-year-long programme – 120 ECTS)
(only in Hungarian)

with specialisations in:

·         Executive for Administration

·         International  and European Public Administration

·         Science of Public Administration

Graduates of MA in Public Administration are familiar with the goals, methods and practices of public administration and their thorough knowledge and competence in state sciences, basics of law, law making and enforcement, the operation of the fundamental institutions as well as human rights and basics of other social sciences related to public administration. They are administration experts who are capable of leading, overseeing and controlling various tasks and processes, thus supporting decision- making and management activities.

MA in Public Policy and Management (2-year-long programme – 120 ECTS)
(only in Hungarian)

Graduates of MA in Public Policy and Management are knowledgeable in economics, social sciences, management, law and methodology. In line with their technical and theoretical experience, graduates are capable of analysing complex questions and issues in public administration, executing planning, coordination and management tasks and contribute to public projects in public and private institutions, non-profits, central and local governments and national and international (European) organisations.

MA in (Science of) Public Governance (5-year-long programme – 300 ECTS)
(only in Hungarian)

Graduates are experts who are capable of handling complex tasks related to the structure and roles of the state with a high level of planning, strategic, analytical and managerial skills. The aim of the degree programme is to train experts who are able to manage strategic planning, effect evaluation with policy and economical aspects, who are knowledgeable on methods, techniques and the framework of administrative law. Graduates are also capable of effectively managing changes in state administration and they acquire the necessary skills to compare state activities, analyise international models and social, economical, political and human factors that define and affect state operation.


PhD in Administration (the only one in Hungary)

(both in Hungarian and English)

Research areas in

  • Public Law and Public Administration
  • State and Society
  • Public Management
  • State and Economics
  • Public Administration in International and European Context
  • Human Resources

The Doctoral School of Science of Public Administrationon Sciences was established in 2013 and currently it is the only doctoral school specialising in the field of public administration in Hungary. The aim of the Doctoral School’s programme is to provide high-quality postgraduate-level education to professionals (researchers and practitioners) working in the field public administration. For further information on the available research fields and topics, please visit the doctoral school's website.

Non-Degree programmes

International (Erasmus) modules for exchange students

•        Public Governance and Political Science

•         Public Administration and Management