Thomas Molnar Research Centre


Dr. Attila Károly Molnár, PhD

Contact: H-1118 Budapest, Ménesi út 5. 514A
Phone: +36(1)432-9000/29-435

The Thomas Molnar Research Centre, established in 2013, functioned under the supervision of the Vice Rector for Research until February 1, 2016. From 2016 the Centre continues its activity under the umbrella of the Faculty of Science of Public Governance and Administration. Its main aim is to conduct research on development of the 19-20th centuries Hungarian and international political thinking and to promote those researchers who deal with this research area.

The so-called „Research Group for the Present Times” preserving the most important documents of the political transitions of 1990 also belonged to the Centre until 2016. From now on the Archive and Library of the National University of Public Service takes on the preservation of the archive documents. The Centre serves for the research of the political and public administration sciences and by this task maintains and elaborates the legacy of Thomas Molnar philosopher awarded with Hungary’s Széchenyi Prize. The centre consists of a director and fellow researchers devoted to the above mentioned work.

Further details about the work of the institution can be found under the Research > Research centres menu.