Institutes and Departments of the Faculty of Military Sciences and Officer Training



Institute of Military Leadership Training

The objective of the Institute of Military Leadership Training is to conduct high quality military leadership training at both bachelor and masters levels for the Hungarian Home Defence Forces, and to conduct research and development in all issues related to the employment of military forces in the framework of national and NATO-EU relations.

The military leadership curriculum was successfully established and renewed by the institute. The Institute is divided into five academic departments:

  • Department of Strategy and Military Theory;
  • Department of Joint Operations;
  • Department of Operations and Support;
  • Department of Military Leadership and General Subjects;
  • Department of Military History, Philosophy and Cultural History.

Institute of Military Logistics

The mission of the institute is to educate and to train officers to be able to carry out their tasks in a leadership/commander position of logistical subunits and as a chief of the logistics branch of military units or as a logistics staff officer of a higher command of the Hungarian Defence Forces.

The institute consists of 4 departments:

  • Department of Operational Logistics;
  • Department of Supply and Military Transportation;
  • Department of Military Maintenance;
  • Department of Natural Science.

Institute of Military Maintenance

The Institute of Military Maintenance was established in 2012 when the Institute of Military Maintenance and Logistics was divided in two independent units. The main mission of the Institute is to educate and to train officer’s to be able to carry out their tasks in a leadership/command position within the fields of signalling, electronic warfare, information technology and within the air force’s technical subunits of the Hungarian Defence Force.

The Institute consists of three academic departments:

  • Department of IT and Electronic Warfare;
  • Department of Signalling;
  • Department of Military Aviation.

Institute of Military Aviation


General Military General Staff Training Centre

The Hungarian General Staff Training Course, as the highest level of National Military Education, offers an 11-month resident program. The curriculum prepares selected military leaders (resident, foreign) for the responsibilities of strategic leadership and educates them on the development and employment of strategic power. Upon graduation our students will be prepared for leadership positions in the national strategic environment, or as advisors to the senior leadership of the Ministry of Defence, other government agencies, or in foreign militaries. In the academic year of 2012/2013 4 foreign students (German, Italian, Chinese and Russian) took part on the Course, and in the academic year of 2013/2014 year a further Chinese student took their place on the Course.

Foreign Language Training Centre

The Foreign Language Training Centre has a wide range of missions which include the training of BSc officer cadets and full time civil students and their preparation for intermediate or advanced (special) language examinations in accordance with the training and education requirements.

The Foreign Language Training Centre conducts language training courses where commissioned officers, non-commissioned officers, and MoD employees are provided with high-level language knowledge. NATO-accredited international language training is also conducted by the Centre upon the request of the Alliance. These courses have been organised by the Language Training Centre since 2006.

Foreign Language Examination Centre

The Testing Centre conducts accredited language examinations in 3 different language examination systems. Candidates can take ARMA bilingual military language examinations in 9 languages (English, French, German, Italian, Russian, Croatian, Serbian, Slovak, Ukrainian), NATO STANAG 6001 monolingual military language examinations in English and ORIGO general language examinations in five languages (English, French, German, Italian, Russian).

Testing is conducted at three levels (basic, intermediate and advanced) in 9 examination sessions. The number of candidates tested is approximately 1,100 per year, the majority of whom take NATO STANAG 6001 military language exams. Anybody, including civilians, can register to take the exams at the Centre.

Military Training and Development Centre

The Military Training and Development Centre is in charge of static professional retraining and further training (senior military leaders, staff officers, operations, military tactics and different military training and knowledge-development) courses, as well as foreign and Hungarian language and ECDL courses approved by the MOD and outlined in annual school attendance plans issued by the Personnel Branch of the General Staff.

The courses are primarily available for the staff of the Hungarian Defence Forces and MOD, but they may also be attended by officers of NATO/PfP and those of other nations.

Military Examination Centre

The Military Examination Centre (MEC) started its operation in September 2013 as it received the legislation background which includes the working criteria of the centre. The MEC works as a functional organisational unit, subordinated to the Faculty of Military Sciences and Officer Training of the National University of Public Service, supervised by the Dean of the faculty.