Degree Programmes


Military Maintenance BSc 
(in Hungarian)

The aim of this programme is to educate and to train officers capable of understanding, maintaining, and managing military systems and devices and also to introduce new technologies. Graduates have a military career perspective allowing them to work for the Hungarian Defence Forces, and for the Ministry of Defence and its institutions.The programme offers the following specialisations: military aerial technical; air traffic management; signalling, military informatics; signal intelligence; and electronic warfare.


Military Logistics BSc
(in Hungarian)

The aim of this programme is to educate and to train military logistics leaders who are commanders of the logistic subunits in the fields of supply, military transportation, and maintenance. Qualified military logistic leaders (at a tactical level) are military leaders and logistic experts who are able to face challenges of military transportation, organisation and maintenance, and who have a comprehensive understanding of the law, structure and functions of public services.


Military Leadership BSc
(in Hungarian)

The aim of this programme is to educate and to train officers who are entitled to lead and organise the work of different subunits. All students conduct a professional internship at different levels of the Hungarian Defence Forces. The programme offers the following specialisations: infantry; armoured; reconnaissance; artillery; ground based air defence; NBC-protection; engineering.


Logistics of Military Operations MSc
(in Hungarian)

This two-semester-long programme aims to further develop the knowledge and skills of students graduated from the Military Logistics BSc programme. Those trained and qualified military logistics leaders can cope with the leadership challenges of the logistics units and of branches at the tacticaloperational level. Based on their skills in military economy, logistical support, methodology, leadership, knowledge of military science, understanding of economic and military law, structures, and functions of other areas of the public services, they can meet the requirements of this changing environment.


Military Maintenance MSc (for military officers)
(in Hungarian)

This two-semester-long programme mainly aims to give further education and training for military officers from the field of military-aerial technical, air traffic management, signal, military information technology, signal intelligence, and electronic warfare.

Military Leadership MSc
(in Hungarian)

This two-semester-long programme aims to train military leaders (senior officers) who are capable of successfully commanding military organisations based on their advanced skills in military science, management sciences, social sciences, natural sciences, technical sciences, theoretical and practical methodological knowledge, professional skills, and at least a command of one foreign language. Graduates are able to operate at a high level within international environments (NATO, EU, UN, OSCE, etc.) as staff officers or in other executive positions.

Doctoral Schools of Military Sciences and Military Engineering

The Faculty has two PhD schools whose scientific research programmes are based on these master-training programmes. For further information please go to the Doctoral School Chapter.