Institute of Law Enforcement Training and Education

Institute of Law Enforcement Training and Education


simon attila

Dr. Pol. Lt. Col. Attila Simon, Assistant Professor
Head of Institute

Police Colonel Simon started his career as a police patrol officer at the Traffic Policing Department in Budapest. He has been a university lecturer for 20 years now. Currently his tasks as Head of the Institute of Law Enforcement Education and Training includes the coordination of the practical policing training administered by the Institution, training and the management of its organisational units.



Office: H-1083 Budapest, Üllői út 82., Educational Building
Phone: (36) 1 432 9000/ 19117

The Institute delivers subjects related to organisational culture, practical skills in taking police measures, formal training, and marksmanship and IT, including the operation of the ITC systems used by law enforcement agencies.

The Institute consists of two departments:

Our main goal is to develop the students’ sense of policing identity, their formal and service disciplines, socialisation in law enforcement, physical fitness and command skills. We prepare the first year full-time students within the policing specialisations for the special examination for guards and patrols. We organise and conduct their exams as well as the training for second-year full time students in support units activities and other, extra-mural trainings.

In accordance with the Minister of the Interior’s assignment, we considered it as a priority to organise and deliver the subject with a significantly increased number of lessons on RoboCop, the integrated management, case processing and electronic document management system used by the Hungarian Police. Starting from the 2013/2014 academic year, our aim is to provide the students with a course which enables them to understand the main elements of this complex practical activity and to develop high-level skills in its usage.

The Institute ensures cooperation with law enforcement agencies in order to be able to provide practical training, field trips and work placement for the students. It manages practical policing training, the training related to carrying out measures by guards, patrols, support units, patrol leaders and police officers, as well as training students in the appropriate attitude to instructions and commands and in specialised regulations concerning the executive staff of the various branches of the service.


Department of Physical Education and Combat Sports

Head of Department: Dr. Tamás Freyer PhD, Associate Professor

The Department of Physical Education is responsible for the subjects Law Enforcement PE and Police PE and self-defence and for contributing to the students’ physical and fitness training. Our teachers are very well qualified sports specialists who conduct extra sessions after the lessons: combat sports (judo, ju-jitsu) but also the latest modern trainings (crossfit, TRX).The University has founded its Sports Club, where you can find special departments for football, water polo, basketball, hiking and fencing. Our students take part in the police, military and Hungarian championships and they won the European and the World Championship in 2013. The teaching of physical education given at the Faculty of Public Administration is also provided by the Department.


Office of Law Enforcement Training and Education

Group for Specialised Training and Education

The Group is involved in familiarizing the students with the practical skills required for taking policing measures and with the culture of law enforcement organisations in formal training, marksmanship, the rules of service contacts, and they also have a prominent role in the education of students. The Group delivers courses on the tactics of taking measures, general service knowledge, marksmanship, and coordinates the support units training.
The Group also has tasks related to the security of the Faculty. It schedules, organises, and manages the students’ duty services, and supervises the work of the Faculty Students Guard. Its activities also include securing conferences, ceremonies, and other events at the Faculty and carrying out the related preparation tasks.

Group for IT Training

The Group for IT Training is involved in preparing the students for tasks related to computer technology and informatics. It provides the teaching of subjects Computer Science and RoboCop.