Faculty management

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Dr. habil. Boglárka Koller PhD, Associate Professor

Dr. Koller graduated from the Corvinus University, Budapest as an economist in 1998; she also holds an MA in Nationalism Studies from the Central European University and an MSc in European Studies from the London School of Economics and Political Science.
Her main research areas are governance and policy-making in the EU, history and theories of integration, differentiated integration and multi-speed Europe, identity issues and Euroscepticism East-Central Europe. She defended her PhD thesis (The dynamic model of the post-national identity structure) in 2004. She has numerous publications on European integration.
Dr. Koller is also responsible for the management of the academic and international affairs of the Faculty.



Office: H-1083 Budapest, Ludovika sqr. 2., Ludovika Main Building, Room 252.
Phone: (36) 1 432 9000/20795
E-mail: Koller.Boglarka@uni-nke.hu


Dr. Péter Rada
Vice-Dean for Science and International Affairs

Dr. Rada has been acting Vice-Dean since 2017 at NUPS. He served as the Congressional Liaison Officer at the Hungarian Embassy in Washington, D.C. between 2015 and 2017. Prior to this assignment he worked at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade and also in academia at several Hungarian and foreign universities. He was also the head of the Corvinus Society, a Budapest based think-tank dealing with international politics and security policy. Peter has published several articles, book chapters on security policy and Trans-Atlantic cooperation and co-authored a textbook on security studies. Peter participated at the U.S. State Department’s International Visitor Leadership program in 2010 and was a Fulbright visiting scholar at SAIS, the Johns Hopkins University, Washington, D.C. and Columbia University, New York in 2008-2009. He was also invited to join the Munich Young Leaders program of the Munich Security Conference in 2013, the Young Atlanticist Working Group of the Atlantic Council in 2012 during the NATO Summit in Chicago and also the Future Leaders Program of the Washington based Foreign Policy Initiative in 2016.



Office: H-1083 Budapest, Ludovika sqr. 2., Ludovika Main Building, Room 257.
Phone: (36) 1 432 9000
E-mail: rada.peter@uni-nke.hu


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Dr. Mónika Szente-Varga
Vice-Dean for Education

Dr. Szente-Varga has a Master degree of Arts in English Language and Literature that she obtained at the Eötvös Loránd University in 2000. She successfully completed the Doctoral School in 2005 and received her PhD. degree in History with summa cum laude. She is specialized in the modern era and the history of the Hispanic world. Since her professional career in education has started in 2000, she continuously gained experience by teaching in different Hungarian and international (Mexican) universities. She is currently member of different associations and societies, i.e. Hungarian Historical Society (MTT), European Association for American Studies (EAAS), among others. One of her books received an honourable mention in Mexico. Until December 2016 Dr. János Bóka served as the Vice-Dean for Education at the faculty.



Office: H-1083 Budapest, Ludovika sqr. 2., Ludovika Main Building, Room 255.
Phone: (36) 1 432 9000
E-mail: szente-varga.monika@uni-nke.hu


Dr. Aletta Széki
Head of Dean's Office

Dr. Aletta Széki has a degree in legal studies and worked at the Legal and Administrative Department of a Japanese-Hungarian joint venture, where she gained insight into the operation of the private sector for nearly 4 years. After that, Dr. Széki worked for 10 years at the background institution of the Ministry of Justice, where she dealt with legal and administrative matters. In addition to many other tasks, she also handled administrative representation, enforcement matters, drafting of legal opinions and legal analyzes, and administrative decision-making. In 2012, she became a Legal Officer of the Legal Department of the Rector's Office at the National University of Public Service. She was an active participant in the processes of developing the internal regulations of the newly established University. Additionally, she was involved in administrative tasks, preparing contracts, giving opinions, and representing the University in administrative, labor and civil law cases. In September 2013, she received an offer from the Head of the Dean’s Office at the Faculty of Law Enforcement to be the Legal Officer and, if necessary, the Deputy Registrar of the Dean's Office. At the request of the Dean of the Faculty of International and European Studies, she became the acting Head of the Dean’s Office of the Faculty from 15 January 2018, and was appointed for 3 years as the Head of the Dean’s Office in 1 December 2019.


Office: H-1083 Budapest, Ludovika sqr. 2., Ludovika Main Building, Room 121.
Phone: (36) 1 432 9000/20-783
E-mail: szeki.aletta@uni-nke.hu