Degree Programmes

Security and Defence Policy BA and MA
(in Hungarian)

The 6 semester long BA programme and the 4 semester long MA programme provide the students with theoretical foundation of security and defence studies and reach out to issues such as the tasks enlisted in the Common Security and Defence Policy of the EU, NATO humanitarian and rescue tasks, conflict prevention and peace-keeping, tasks of combat forces in crisis management to joint disarmament operations, military advice and assistance and tasks in post-conflict stabilisation.

Careful development of these programmes goes back two decades. As a result of unrelenting curriculum development in the field of security and defence policy, NUPS has managed to create a unique field of education as no other Hungarian university has these kinds of programmes in their portfolio. The BA programme was added in 2013 with the joint university subjects providing a common understanding and knowledge for all civilian, military and police students at the university. The pool of lecturers and experts we have guarantees the continuous updating and incorporation of contemporary research results into the programmes.

Security and Defence Policy also has a PhD Programme within the Doctoral School of Military Science at the university which is available in both English and Hungarian. Security Studies will also be taught in English at MA level as a specialisation of the Master’s in International Public Service to be launched in the academic year 2015/2016.


International Public Service Relations MA
(in English and in Hungarian)

The Master’s in International Public Service Relations programme offers an interdisciplinary approach to the constantly evolving realm of international relations. Our students will be acquainted with a broad range of contemporary questions in international relations, from the phenomenon of globalization to the law and policy making of international organizations to international law and the law of the European Union as well as hot topics such as good governance and integrity management. Upon completion of the programme, graduates will benefit from a thorough and comprehensive understanding of today’s international affairs as well as from the instruments that will enable them to critically assess, analyse and answer global and international problems and policy issues.

The aim of the programme is to train experts able to fulfil tasks within international and EU agencies, in the administration of foreign affairs, defence policies and law enforcement as well. Four specialisations are available:

  • international public administration studies
  • security studies
  • policing studies
  • European studies