Quality Assurance

One of the main goals of Ludovika - University of Public Service, as a higher education institution, is to comply with the highest quality standards at national, European and international levels.

The University is committed to fulfil the requirements of the Standards and guidelines for quality assurance in the European Higher Education Area (ESG) on the first place. In compliance with these standards, the predecessor institutions went through individual institutional accreditation processes of the Hungarian Accreditation Committee ensuring the highest quality standard at the time when NUPS started its operation in 2012. The Hungarian Accreditation Committee itself is the member of the European Association of Quality Assurance (ENQA), that ensures the institution’s competence in evaluating higher education institutions according to the ESG standards. 

Besides striving for national recognition, Ludovika-UPS has also defined international accreditation as one of its top priorities, also stated in the Institutional Development Plan 2015-2020 (IDP). According to the document, Ludovika-UPS shall “Strive to quality and excellence has to be continuously present in the organisational culture, management philosophy, and individual habits.” 

At Ludovika-UPS, a comprehensive and coherent system of quality regulations has been set up. The Quality Development Plan (QDP), the basic document of quality assurance, contains the long-term, quality-centred principles of operation (quality policy) including the development notions for achieving them. In 2015 the Senate reorganised the Quality Assurance Commission of the University, which is a body directing and supervising the quality assurance system of the University. The quality analysis and evaluation system of the University (EMIÉR) is already functioning, while the unification and integration of the university data bases (NEPTUN, AVIR and library) are in progress.

In order to meet the principles and achieve the goals defined in the IDP and QDP, the University undertakes the following:

  • educational, research and service activities conducted in accordance with the quality assurance policies and qualification standards of the European Higher Education Area and of the international community;
  • establishment of a sustainable, high standard organisational quality culture;
  • regular assessment of the results and achievements;
  • regular evaluation of the measurements taken upon the recommendations of the Hungarian Accreditation Committee;
  • continuous development of the quality assurance system of the University, focusing on Hungarian and international customer needs.


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