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Budapest Water Summit 2016

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The Budapest Water Summit 2016 concluded its deliberations on November 30. Some 2000 participants from 111 countries attended this mile stone event that was to charter the road ahead for the coming fifteen years with respect to the implementation of the water-related Sustainable Development Goals. NUPS professor András Szöllősi-Nagy, co-chair of the International Programme Committee, lead the work of the Drafting Group. Messrs Gábor Baranyai and Balázs Heincz, of NUPS, contributed to the Summit as moderators and Secretary of the Drafting Group, respectively. As a result of an open internet based discussion, that was also accessible to the larger public, a consensus emerged that is summarized in the document Budapest Water Summit 2016 - Massages - Water Connects - Actions for the 2030 Agenda 2016/BWS2016_Messages_v1129.pdf

Water Summit side event at NUPS

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As a side event of the Water Summit held between 28-30 November in Budapest, a seminar dealing with transboundary water dispute prevention and settlement in Europe was organised at the National University of Public Service on the 1st of December.

The event was jointly organised by the Implementation Committee of the Water Convention adopted in 1992 in Helsinki and the Centre for Sustainable Development Studies of the National University of Public Service (NUPS). The seminar included the presentations of the chair and other members of the Committee, as well as panel discussions involving all the participants.

The seminar was moderated by Mr Balázs HEINCZ, water coordinator at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, whose introduction was followed by the speeches of Prof. Attila TANZI, Chair of the Implementation Committee, Prof. Stephen MCCAFFREY, former special rapporteur of the UN International Law Commission and Mr. Gábor BARANYAI, director of the Centre for Sustainable Development Studies of NUPS. Their presentations discussed the nature of transboundary water conflicts, lessons of inter-state water dispute settlement in the United States and beyond along with water disputes in the EU.

The Implementation Committee was established in the framework of the Water Convention adopted by the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe with the aim of facilitating, promoting and ensuring the implementation of the Convention.

The seminar was closely connected to the Water Summit that was attended by nearly 1800 participants from 117 countries, during which NUPS was also represented. During the three days of the conference heads of states and governments, ministers, high-level representatives of international organisations as well as actors of the private sector, civil society and scientific life discussed issues related to water, sanitation and sustainable water management.