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NUPS professor referenced in astronomy news

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What Is the Biggest Thing in the Universe? This question was raised in a writing published on the website of, referencing Prof. Dr. István Horváth, Head of the Department of Natural Science at the Faculty of Military Sciences and Officer Training.

The team of Professor Horváth discovered a giant supercluster in 2013 by examining gamma-ray bursts. “Hercules-Corona Borealis Great Wall” is so large that it takes nearly 10 billion yeas for light to travel through it. Therefore, the supercluster poses a mystery to this day in a sense that scientists are puzzled how such a single huge entity can exist under the known laws of cosmology. publishes news on astronomy and space exploration. The site was founded on 20 July 1999, on the 30th anniversary of the lunar landing by Apollo11. The first president of the company was Sally Ride, the first American woman astronaut in space, with the company’s board of directors including Neil Armstrong, the first man who stepped on the Moon.

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