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Successfully ending ‘Storm’

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The ‘Storm 2016’ joint public service exercise was successfully completed at the National University of Public Service. More than 1000 students and lecturers participated in the two-day-long programme involving bachelor level, master level and Erasmus+ students studying at the four faculties and inter-faculty institutions of NUPS as well as invited guests from universities of neighbouring countries.

The aim of the exercise was to build common understanding and to prepare the next generation of public service officers to cooperate in real-life situations in the future. Accordingly, the cadets, police officers and the Hungarian and international civilians were modelling fictive emergency situation – caused by extreme weather that required joint action of central and local government, law enforcement, military and disaster management forces.

Becoming acquainted with the structure, rules, actions and best practices of neighbouring countries can enrich student and teacher experience.

Therefore, an international staff formed by the Slovak delegates was acting in cooperation with the Hungarian members of staff to fulfil the tasks related to the crisis situation.

Another international group consisted of students and lecturers from the Czech Republic, Romania and the Republic of Serbia, and acted as observers on the first day. On the second day they had a chance to introduce their respective institutions and share their experience in similar situations during the workshops.

As intended, the joint public service exercise helped participants to learn and understand best practices while supported cross-border cooperation to tackle common challenges through collaboration with neighbouring counties.

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‘Stormy’ start of the week at NUPS

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This week started with the opening of Storm 2016, the fourth joint public service exercise of NUPS engaging several hundred of participants. This year’s event provided students – including Master level students and international guests – an opportunity to exercise the tasks related to a crisis situation of extreme weather.

The two-day exercise was opened by Pol. BG Dr. Gábor Kovács, Vice-Rector for Education at NUPS. When reminding the participants of the main aims and tasks of the exercise, the head of the exercise noted that “Storm 2016 is a great opportunity for NUPS students of various career paths to exercise their respective tasks and be acquainted with the tasks of their counterparts, as they will have to be able to cooperate in real-life situations later in the future”. Accordingly, this year’s public service exercise enjoys the participation of both military and law enforcement officers, as well as civilians from the Faculty of Political Sciences and Public Administration and the Faculty of International and European Studies.

The overall more than 1,000 participants perform their respective tasks – including those related to the introduction of special legal order and emergency situation – at the Hungária and Ludovika Campus of NUPS, as well as at the parade-ground in Ócsa. For the first time, Master level students have also joined the exercise, as well as participants from the Slovak Republic who have formed a separate staff, with the other international guests participating in a workshop.

‘Storm 2016’ is to be concluded with the preparation of a comparative set of papers displaying the crisis management practices of the countries represented by the international participants during the exercise.