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State Modernization and State Reform

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The Ludovika Campus hosted the international conference “State Modernization and State Reform” jointly organized by the National University of Public Service (NUPS), the École Naionale d’Administration (ENA) and the Embassy of the French Republic in Budapest.

In his welcome speech Dr. Norbert Kis, Vice-Rector for Continuing Education and International Affairs at NUPS emphasized that ENA is one of the most important international partners of NUPS with whom the institution has worked on a series of great projects in recent years. He also pointed out that ENA and NUPS have jointly organized several high-standard conferences concerning public administration reform and have been co-operating in various outstanding European projects. Moreover, the vice-rector reminded of the Global Network of Schools of Government which was recently established in Paris under the aegis of the OECD and in which ENA and NUPS represent the French Republic and Hungary respectively. Vice-Rector Kis added that in recent years the National University of Public Service has been a part and a forming participant of Hungarian state reform.

Sylvette Tourmente, Attaché for Scientific, Technological and Inter-university Co-operation at the French Institute in Budapest reminded that French and Hungarian institutions have been in fruitful relationships for a long time with the French Institute laying great emphasis on the establishment of ever more enhanced and long-term co-operations between French and Hungarian universities and researchers. The attaché emphasized that ENA plays a crucial role in the training of high-ranking state officials and welcomes both French and international students as well. Sylvette Tourmente underlined that Hungary is one of the most important partners of ENA, adding that both the French Republic and Hungary undergo similar state reform processes and that the conference includes the most significant points which are important for both countries.

The symposium was opened by Dr. Hajnalka Juhász, Counsellor on Public Administration and a member of the Minister Cabinet at the Ministry of Justice representing Prof. Dr. László Trócsányi, Minister of Justice. In her speech Counsellor Juhász mentioned that due to the challenges posed by globalization, the definition of Good State is strongly connected to the definition of Good Governance which receives a new meaning at both national and other levels of integration process. According to Dr. Hajnalka Juhász, the processes of globalization and European integration demand a stronger intervention by the state. She added that the exchange of experiences with EU member states having a great history in state reform is of outstanding importance and since the French Republic has hundreds of years of experience in this regard, the present conference is extremely important.

On the one hand, the section on state modernization included the presentation on the evaluation of efficiency related to state modernization and reform by Jean René Brunetiére, advisor at the Chaire Economie du Climat and the presentation of Vice-Rector Kis on state reform and public administration reform in Hungary. On the other hand, the section on public service reform Vanessa Frey from the Direction Générale de l’administration et de la function publique focused on public service reform and effects of decentralization in the French Republic. Closing the section, Dr. Zoltán Hazafi, Head of the Institute of Career and Human Resource (Faculty of Public Administration) highlighted the principles and main directions of developing public service in Hungary.

The conference was headed by Dr. Gábor Széplaki Nagy, Head of the Department of International Affairs at the National Prosecution Office of Hungary, a former ENA student and a knight of the French Legion of Honour.

Serving as the training institution of the public service and political elite in the French Republic, ENA is one of the hallmark public administration education and research centres in Europe. Since their cooperation agreement in 2012, NUPS and ENA have organized several joint trainings and conferences. In November 2014 the two institutions contributed to the establishment of the Global Network of Schools of Government in Paris.