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International Staff Week at NUPS

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The International Staff Week – which is organised by the International Relations Office – has been held for the second time in the topic of crisis management. The other main issue is communication in various emergency situations in an international multicultural academic environment. Colleagues dealing with international relations from partner institutions both in Europe and outside of the EU all participate in professional lectures, workshops and cultural programmes. This year’s event series is also open to international students, and many internationals scholarship recipients studying at NUPS also participate.

In the opening ceremony the participants were greeted by the organisers and the representatives of the four faculties located in Budapest. The Faculty of International and European Studies was introduced by Dr. Mónika Szente-Varga, Vice-Dean for Education. She explained that on this faculty boasting more than 500 students, there are many unique programs, and these will be augmented by programs in human rights and identity policy starting from September 2018. According to Szente-Varga, the six departments and the two research institutes – the Chinese Public Administration, Economy and Society Research Centre and the American Studies Research Centre – all make the faculty really interesting.

Tamás Kowalik, Head of the International Office at the Faculty of Science of Public Governance and Public Administration is proud of the fact that more and more public servants are education at the faculty on a yearly basis, and they perform well even in an international environment. Dr. Zoltán Jobbágy, Vice-Dean for Science and International Affairs at the Faculty of Military Sciences and Officer Training highlighted the opportunities in the field of military and academic success at the faculty. The Faculty of Military Sciences and Officer Training places great emphasis on international opportunities, and at the moment, one of their lecturers participates in the Fulbright program while two American students are also studying at the Faculty.

Last but not least, Dr. Bence Mészáros, acting Vice-Dean for Science and International Affairs at the Faculty of Law Enforcement greeted the participants in the name of Dr. habil (MG) József Boda, the Dean of the faculty. He explained that the faculty is really unique since, next to its academic role, it also serves as the police academy for the Hungarian police force, thus the student can gain hands on experiences during their studies.

During the course of the Staff Week, the participants take part in lectures and can later try their skills in situational exercises and trainings. The main topics include interview and communication training, first aid and crisis management. 

International training in crisis management

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“The National University of Public Service does not only intend to be an outstanding university but a higher education institution that is outstanding in international cooperation” – emphasized Dr. Norbert Kis, Vice-Rector for Continuing Education and International Affairs when opening the one-week international training on crisis management and risk assessment aimed at university staff members on 23 of May 2016.

The aim of the organizers was to provide practical pieces of knowledge for the participants who could later utilize this knowledge in making the right decisions in everyday problem management or crisis situations. The programme was primarily aimed at international university staff members dealing with international relations, particularly Erasmus-coordinators. Participants came from three continents and 13 countries inter alia from the People’s Republic of China, the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Republic of South Africa. In addition to the event being an excellent opportunity for networking, Vice-Rector Kis also reminded that “everyone is here to learn for the sake of each-other”.

The program included the presentation of the experts of the various field related to the event’s core topic. Tamás Bezsenyi criminologist focused on risk prevention whereas Tamás Halmai clinical psychologist on meditation and effective communication methods. Dr. József Haller, Head of the Neurobiology Department at the Institute of Experimental Medicine of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences provided insight into the cultural aspects of conflict management. The renowned experts also included representatives of civil society with such speakers as Veronika Nagy, program coordinator at Bátor Tábor which has been organizing therapeutic recreation camps for seriously ill children and their families.

ERASMUS Staff Week at NUPS

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The National University of Public Service (NUPS) in cooperation with the Corvinus University of Budapest (BCE) organized an international Erasmus Staff Week hosting administrators and lecturers of various higher educational institutions from 11 countries in Budapest between the 24th and 26th of September.

The three-day event’s aim was to provide a framework for intense discussions on contemporary issues of international mobility and to exchange the best practices of participating institutions. In addition to the 15 international guests from the UK, Germany, Greece, Italy, Lithuania, Portugal, Romania and Slovakia, programme and workshop participants included representatives from the institutes and faculties of NUPS and BCE as well.

The event was officially opened by Dr. Norbert Kis, Vice-Rector for Continuing Education and International Affairs at NUPS, while BCE was represented by Erzsébet Veress, Head of the International Office. Introductory presentations of the hosting nation were provided by Szabolcs Bokodi from the Tempus Public Foundation, dr. György Hajnal from the Faculty of Economics at BCE and the representatives of NUPS’ three faculties. The visitors’ introduction was held in Hotel Gellért where interesting presentations provided excellent topics for discussion.

The second day’s programme included workshops moderated by Tamás Kowalik from the Faculty of Public Administration at NUPS. Participants’ efforts were focused on identifying related challenges that have been affecting their respective institutions and on analyzing these issues using the Action Learning method. Furthermore, in the third day’s final workshop Dr. Lóránt Horáth from the Faculty of Law Enforcement at NUPS introduced the participants to the Pain&Gain Matrix usually applied within the private sector thus providing a unique approach to the subject of mobility. Since participants came from various institutions with different size and background, various experiences were brought up ranging from general problems to special cases and unique solutions.

In addition to these programmes, international guests of the university were invited to other events as well including an evening boat cruise on the Danube. In fact, the Erasmus Staff Week was not only successful from a professional point of view but proved to be a great event to create friendships.

The International Relations Office of NUPS is most delighted to receive positive feedbacks from our guests and is looking forward to hosting the next similar event thereby carrying forth our university’s good reputation across Europe.

Extended Application Deadline for Staff Week

Preliminary programme for the Staff Week

staff week
  • Preliminary programme for the coming Staff Week

    We are pleased to announce that for the first time two Hungarian universities, Corvinus University of Budapest and National University of Public Service co-organise a staff week between the 24th of September and 26th of September, 2014 in Budapest, Hungary.

    Please find below our preliminary programme guide

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NUPS-CUB International Staff Week

Staff Week plakát
The National University of Public Service organises its 1st Staff Week in September together with the Corvinus University of Budapest dedicated to Erasmus coordinators and career advisers.

The main goal of the programme is to bring together HEIs that offer courses in the fields of:

  • international relations and diplomacy,
  • public administration,
  • national defence and military sciences,
  • law enforcement.

During the three days the participants will have the opportunity to discuss the most significant issues of student mobility in thematic groups according to fields of education.

Please find more details at the following link: