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NUPS among best universities in Hungary

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The National University of Public Service was ranked among the top three Hungarian higher education institutions for 2016 behind the Semmelweis University and Eötvös Loránd University. The ranking of Hungarian universities is done by HVG, a weekly magazine on world economy, based on student and lecturer excellence.

The scoring system on which the ranking is based considers various factors including: the number of full-time students who had submitted their application to the university as their first choice, the average number of points of those who were admitted to the university, the number of admitted applicants having successful B2 or C1 level language exams, the number of freshman with outstanding achievements from their studies in secondary school, the number and ratio of lecturers having academic degrees, the number of students for one lecturers having an academic degree, and the ratio of lecturers holding titles from the Hungarian Academy of Sciences.

HVG’s 2016 list contains the ranking of more than forty programmes in ten areas of education. With its third position, NUPS “surpassed” such renowned universities and historical universities like the University of Szeged and the University of Pécs.