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NUPS research results utilized by UN

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For the first time, a state report on Hungary’s activity in United Nations (UN) peacekeeping operations was published. The report was written by Prof. Dr. Zoltán Szenes, Head of the Department of International Security Studies at the Faculty of International and European Studies, on the request of the International Peace Institute of the UN.

The International Peace Institute, in cooperation with George Washington University (USA) and Queensland University (AUS), launched a research project in 2014 in which the contributing member states’ experiences in peacekeeping is reviewed. The experts of each member state write the evaluation of the peacekeeping activity of the country in question based on single research criteria, making the comparative evaluation of the member states’ UN policies possible.

Currently, there are 120 nations participating in peacekeeping, out of which 57 countries’ activity and experiences being processed by the research group. According to the plans, there will be a report on each contributing country by the end of next year, and the three-year project will conclude with a summarizing study.

The research group focusing on UN crisis management and peacekeeping at the Department of International Security Studies of NUPS was formed two years ago which summarized its research activities of 2013 in a collection of studies. Furthermore, an international conference focusing on the 70 years of the UN’s international relations regarding crisis management and peacekeeping was held this May. These research activities could also contribute to the preparation of the current study, the findings of which Professor Szenes will present at the UN conference of the Faculty of Law Enforcement this October. The study is available online.

This is the second time that an international organization utilizes the research results of NUPS after the OECD’s analysis on NUPS’ 2015 Good State Report.