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Erasmus+ Partner Expo

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On the 25th of February the very first Erasmus+ Partner Expowas organised at the Ludovika Residence Hall (Orczy Úti Kollégium). The aim of the event was to provide new applicants with fist-hand information and experiences from Erasmus+ alumni and current international students.  Besides the stories and photos of Erasmus+ alumni, interested participants could also get useful information from the Erasmus coordinators about the application procedure and the programme itself.

The good atmosphere of the event was guaranteed by the continuous videos, slideshows and music and of course by the participation of the Erasmus Student Network. Students formed several groups based on the countries they represented, many European countries were also represented by nationals as well. The Tempus Public Foundation was also present to provide detailed information about the Campus Mundi scholarship programme.

With regard to its great success, the University’s aim is to turn this event into a tradition that will be possibly organised during the next application period as well. As the number of international students is constantly growing and given the increasing number of Erasmus alumni students, the Partner Expo is likely to become a major event related to the Erasmus+ programme that also facilitates the integration of international students to the student life of the University.