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Germany in focus

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On 23 March, dr. Ulrich Schlie, professor of the Hungarian Andrássy Universität delivered a lecture titled “Order and chaos: the world ahead! The German perspective”. The motto of the occasion was borrowed from Albert Einstein: the advent of nuclear weapons have changed everything except our ways of thinking. This week’s events in Brussels, the increasing insecurity and the ever-growing number of the terrorist attacks all necessitate a re-interpretation of defence and security issues – added the expert.

The emerging democratic movements in Africa and the Arab world, the fight against terrorism and even the devastating natural disasters suggest that the security challenges of our times overstep the capacities of nation states while the world keeps balancing on the border between integration and disintegration. With privatization the age of the nation states has come to an end; losing their importance, the states have become fragile whilst the elements of law and force have lost their position. Following this, as Ulrich Schlie pointed out, the regulatory instruments need to be readjusted. In order to arrive at effective answers in face of the new challenges, a comprehensive re-assessment and global consensus is needed. Emerging from the economic crisis, Europe needs to gain back both its attractiveness and power, becoming a potent partner of the United States. The battling of cross-border threats can only happen in partnership with the addition that the source of power shall not come from a single source. Although NATO remains a unique and effective instrument for collective security within Europe, it cannot transform into a global alliance. In addition to increased naval spending, the combination of hard and soft-power resources is needed on a continental level.  Apart from a set of clear objectives, a new framework is needed on the basis of shared needs and interests. Doing nothing cannot be an alternative – summarized the expert.

Text: Dorottya Petery
Photos: Denes Szilagyi