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Orientation of new international students

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The first semester of the academic year 2016/2017 has not only started for Hungarian students but for the new international students as well. As there is an increasingly diversified group of incoming students each year both in terms of sending countries, study levels and scholarship programmes, NUPS has to be more and more prepared to welcome these students. Also the number of inbound students has been constantly growing, exceeding 70 students in the fall semester, the International Relations Office along with the Erasmus Student Network emphasise the orientation of exchange and full degree students coming from various countries.

In order to provide high quality training as well as excellent services for incoming exchange and full-degree students, the International Relations Office organises a wide range of orientation programmes together with the faculties and the Erasmus Student Network in the beginning of each semester.  

On the first two days of September students coming from Europe, Asia and Africa were first welcomed by Erzsébet Veres, head of the International Relations Office and the president of the Erasmus Student Network (ESN). They also got acquainted with the administrative related issues of their studies under the guidance of the administrative staff members of NUPS. Futhermore, they got a chance to introduce themselves and their countries, as well as to understand those of their fellow students during an intercultural training programme. On the 2nd of September the ESN welcomed the new graduates and undergraduates with a little taster of Hungarian foods and the mentors also gave a short introduction into the Hungarian culture and into the basics of Hungarian language.

The orientation programme was a great success as nearly forty students participated and had a great time together with their Hungarian fellows. Following their preparation a Welcome Ceremony will be organised on the 15th of September where all international students will be greeted by the Vice-Rector for Continuing Education and International Affairs and the representatives of the faculties.  The various programmes will continue, mainly in the organisation of the ESN, during which this diverse group of students can discover the student life of Budapest, the gastronomy, cultural heritage and the countryside of Hungary. Another aim of these programmes is also to integrate foreign students into the student life of NUPS and thus to create and even more diverse community.

As internationalisation is not only a key part of NUPS’ strategy, but also a common phenomenon all around the world, and a key element of international competitiveness. In order to achieve excellence at an international level, it is a top priority of the University to provide comprehensive services for all incoming students, from their application until the handover of their certificates.