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NUPS, let’s Be-novative!

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A unique, innovative platform is about to be introduced at the National University of Public Service. The Be-novative application won first prize at the Singularity University founded jointly by NASA and Google.  Now, both lecturers and student can elaborate on their innovative, creative ideas regarding the development of the university, while also encouraging grassroots initiatives and communication between study circles.

Next to global corporations, NUPS’ citizens will be the very first in Hungary to be able to let their imagination roam free with this application. Be-novative’s team held a presentation at the Faculty of Political Sciences and Public Administration about the cooperation with the university and the integration of the program, where the representatives of the university’s Centre of Excellence and the Students’ Union could test the system.

What exactly is Be-novative? It is a startup that evolved from a Hungarian project in 2011, and - with the active participation of the employers - helps the operation, quality improvement and internal communication of such big companies as Telekom, KPMG, Telenor and GE. The application encourages and sparks innovation in a game like way making use of the creativity of the community. The aim at NUPS is to improve the quality of education by using the app. Their vision is that everybody is creative; one only has to provide a suitable environment, where via feedbacks the community and the leadership can both see the best ideas. The software has three pillars. Firstly, it achieves the creative user experience by gamification. Secondly, almost all of the university’s citizens can participate in the brainstorming process. Finally, that the ideas can be shared with the university community the same time they are conceived. Its field of usage is wide: can be used during group work in the classroom, in developing interactive study opportunities, in realizing one’s own project, in the cooperation between students and lecturers, and it can also be used in surveys and in creating evaluation.

“Together with Be-novative, we would like to give the entire student community of NUPS an initiative that is unique in Hungary. We let the entirety of the student community use one single social network platform. We look forward to seeing what projects and innovations can be achieved during the 2 year long license period” – said Lajos Orosz, the quality assurance commissioner of NUPS. He also further explained that the experts of the university’s Excellence Centre think the app has great possibilities. “Our aim is to see a new tool used in the lecturer-student cooperation. One, that is not a traditional way of learning, where the students shot down their laptops or switch off their phones, but a new, interactive possibility, where the smart university establishes a new connection between the lecturers and the students. Furthermore, the social network platform makes new way possible, where students can learn with each other.”

Following a short presentation and tutorial, the university citizens present could also try the new system themselves. They chose two topics: The improvement of the university, and the reform of the scholarship system. The participants brainstormed their ideas in an anonym way with their peers, and the ideas were evaluated jointly according to the matrix of innovation and practicability. The system filtered out the ideas receiving the highest rating, thus new thoughts on reforming university education came clear via community thinking.

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