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Fulbright – National University of Public Service Grant

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The representatives of the Hungarian Fulbright Commission and the National University of Public Service have signed an agreement on the foundation of the Fulbright – National University of Public Service Grant on 23 May 2016. The Fulbright Program is one of the world’s most renowned post-gradual educational and research scholarship and exchange program founded by U.S. Senator J. William Fulbright in 1946.

“This agreement is highly important” – emphasized Prof. Dr. András Patyi, Rector of NUPS during the signatory ceremony. Professor Patyi reminded that NUPS is an institution where students are prepared for public service by lecturers who themselves serve the nation at public administration, law enforcement and defense organizations. The Rector of NUPS also noted that “throughout our everyday activities we face serious challenges and regard the responsibility related to our decisions accordingly. Therefore, we know exactly how important it is to transfer the skills and know-how to the next generation of public service employees so that they could be successful in their respective careers”. He added that international cooperations in education and research help us achieving this goal, reminding that “we intend to become a university of cooperation, therefore, we deem the foundation of the Fulbright – National University of Public Service Grant to be important, through which we would like to welcome as many American scholarship fellows in Hungary as possible who would choose to visit NUPS and contribute to the development of Hungarian public service”. Professor Patyi also mentioned that the success stories of former Fulbright fellows also represent contributions to the success of Hungary, citing the example of H.E. Réka Szemerkényi, Ambassador of Hungary to Washington, who played a great role in realizing the establishment of cooperation between NUOPS and Marymount University this year.

“We are honored to sing this agreement. It is not only an honor but a significant step forward as well” – emphasized Prof. Dr. Beáta Vértessy Chair of the Board of the Hungarian Fulbright Commission. She reminded that the significance of the cooperation lies in the principle that universally characterizes the Fulbright Program all over the world: in the promotion of peaceful understanding among nations. On the one hand, the importance of cooperation is present at the personal level, as nothing can be compared to the significance of personal experiences: these personal relations define a nation and the mutual understanding between nations. “On the other hand, it is also highly important to have common goals for which we can work” – she added.

“We have three reasons to celebrate today” – highlighted dr. Károly Jókay, Executive Director of the Hungarian Fulbright Commission. Firstly, because of the already existing good cooperation with NUPS. Secondly, because of the fact that it is this university from where Lt.Col. Csaba Bakos the first Hungarian Fulbright fellow to teach at the United States Military Academy at West Point embarks to the United States. Thirdly, because the agreement allows NUPS to enter into an international network from where American program participants can chose from to continue their studies. Károly Jókay expressed his hope that U.S. lecturers and researchers will be increasingly interested in coming to Hungary, specifically to NUPS, and thanked his colleagues for their work aimed at preparing this agreement.

According to the agreement between NUPS and the Hungarian Fulbright Commission, up to two U.S. lecturers can arrive at NUPS each year for one semester. NUPS welcomes lecturers focusing on political sciences, economics, the science of public governance and state, public administration sciences, public policy, law enforcement sciences, military sciences and military engineering, international relations, and international public service relations already as of the upcoming academic year. The call for applications is published by the Hungarian Fulbright Commission, whereas the decision on welcoming the applicant(s) is made by the Rector of NUPS. Successful applicants will participate in the work of NUPS as “guest lecturers” giving two courses and will be involved in the university’s research activities. In addition, the U.S. lecturer will participate in the programs organized by the Hungarian Fulbright Commission for fellows, and could also teach at other Hungarian universities on an ad hoc basis. The costs of the grant will be divided among the institutions. According to the agreement, the four-month long grant contract may be extended for an additional semester.

Fulbright scholarships are currently available in more than 150 countries across the world. Hungary joined the program in 1978 and has had nearly 900 Hungarian citizens participating in various Fulbright scholarships.