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High-ranking Sudanese delegation at NUPS

A high-ranking Sudanese delegation led by Gen Yahia Mohammed Khair (Deputy Chief of Defence, North Sudan) visited the Faculty of Military Sciences and Officer Training to get a comprehensive overview on military education and training system. H. E. Adil Bashir Hassan the Sudanese Ambassador to Hungary also participated the one-day programme.

Col. Boldizsár Gábor PhD, dean of the Faculty briefed the guests in NUPS related issues focusing on military education and training. He emphasized the renewed efforts to build a prestigious state university. He underlined the commitment of NUPS in the international sphere in offering programmes and courses to international students. He also talked about the newly adopted PhD system extending the duration of PhD programmes from 6 to 8 semesters.

Col. Peter Balogh gave a short overlook on the Senior Military Officer education as the highest level national military training in Hungary. The delegation was interested in how North Sudan could join Faculty’s education and training events with a special emphasis on the recently accredited Senior Military Leader postgraduate programme (formerly known as General Staff Training Course). H.E. Adil Bashir Hassan expressed his wish to meet Prof. Dr. András Patyi the rector of NUPS to discuss the possibilities of extending bilateral cooperation by signing a memorandum of understanding in the near future.

While in Hungary, the delegation also visited Hungarian Defence Forces’ compounds to get to know of Hungarian industry developments such as UAV (Un-manned Aerial Vehicle), Water Purification, Bio Labor, Ground Moving Target Spotting Radar etc.