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International Education Week at NUPS

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The National University of Public Service organised its first international education week. The event was held between 3 and 7 April, 2017 with the participation of 16 guest lecturers from 9 countries (USA, Czech Republic, Ethiopia, France, Netherlands, Poland, Great Britain, Germany and Russia) who shared their experinces with the lecturers and students of our University.

Vice-Rector for International Affairs, Dr. Judit Nagy highlighted during the reception ceremony: the international week gives an opportunity for the lecturers and students of our University to learn about the characteristics of other countries and cultures and to see the current issues of public service from a different angle, and gain experience in security policy, economics and law on an international level. The event also provides a great opportunity to network and to establish new partnerships and joint research.

The guest lecturers, among others, presented about the European integration of Poland; the career options in the German public service area; the rules of relocating headquarters of economic companies within the EU; the Russian regulation of international finances; the characteristics of international human trafficking networks; the challenges of international security policy and the NATO; the French administrative courts and the characteristics of the Czech public service system.

In addition to the scheduled presentations, the participants organized a workshop where the international and Hungarian lecturers discussed the future of European integration and the upcoming challenges related to integration. The facilitators of the discussion were Dr. János Bóka, Vice-Dean for Education at the Faculty of International and European Studies and Mantas Bileišis from the Mykolas Romeris University, Vilnius.

The first international education week was a success and it significantly expanded the partnership and collaboration opportunities of NUPS. The University wishes to continue this initiative in the future as well.