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State of the art MA programme

International Relations in Public Service MA programme (IRPS) is to be launched in academic year 2014/2015.

The first semester of the new programme is a comprehensive basic module. Students acquire knowledge on international and European public service models, basics of international and European public law, international security studies, political system of foreign relations, international law enforcement and policing.

Beyond the basic courses students may choose from a wide range of elective (optional) courses focusing on minority rights, forms of political violence, cyber security, regional funding mechanism of the EU, special economic and security issues in Central and Eastern Europe or China.

Lecturers are nationally and internationally renowned professionals of their field of expertise. Colleagues of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Hungarian Institute of Foreign Relations and some of the partner institutions of NUPS like European Police College (CEPOL), Marshall Center for International Security Studies are also cooperating in the teaching activity