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Defence attachés at NUPS

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The international delegation of the Budapest Military Attaché Corps visited the Ludovika Campus of NUPS on 21 September 2016. The aim of the diplomats’ visit was to become acquainted with the mission, tasks and structure of the university as well as with the respective roles of its relevant organizational units. The delegation, led by Lt. Col. Uwe Wilhelm Clemens, included defence attachés from all over the world ranging from Slovakia to the United States, to Russia and to Zambia.

The delegation was welcomed by Prof. Dr. Norbert Kis, Vice-Rector for Continuing Education and International Affairs who provided a thorough review of the National University of Public Service, including its historical background and predecessors. The Vice-Rector highlighted the integrated concept of public service with the university’s efforts aimed at its students learning cooperation and cross-cutting experience. In addition to its public service training activity, Professor Kis also reviewed the faculties and institutes of NUPS which were discussed in detail by the respective representatives of these units.

Dr. (Col.) Gábor Boldizsár, Dean of the Faculty of Military Sciences and Officer Training introduced the structure and tasks of the Faculty and provided an overview of its multicycle training system. He drew specific attention to the common module consisting of 14 components and a common joint exercise for university students.

Colonel Péter Balogh, Commanding Officer of the General Staff Course reminded the audience of the Staff Course’s historical background and its initiation in 1993. In addition to reviewing its operation, Colonel Balogh also pointed out that the 11 month long course welcomes international military officers includes international study tours and is concluded by a degree thesis.

Dr. (Col.) Judit Nagy, Vice-Dean for Academic and International Affairs at the Faculty of Law Enforcement also provided a thorough review of the Faculty including its history (dating back to the police College in 1971) and structure. Vice-Dean Nagy reviewed the Faculty’s training programmes, as well as new trends in training, including the planned launch of the private detective training.

Dr. Zsuzsanna Peres, Vice-Dean for Academic and International Affairs at the Faculty of Political Sciences and Public Administration also highlighted the history and milestones of the Faculty, as well as its academic units and campus facilities. Vice-Dean Peres overviewed the academic programmes at the Faculty, along with the opportunities for international mobility.

The Faculty of International and European Studies was introduced by Prof. Dr. Gen. (Ret.) Zoltán Szenes who first outlined the mission and the overall characteristics of the Faculty. Furthermore, Professor Szenes reviewed the faculty organization, as well as the available Hungarian and English language degree programmes.

Finally, the international guests were also briefed about the Centre for Strategic and Defence Studies, introduced by Mr. Tamás Csiki, research fellow of the Centre. In addition to reviewing the three main branches of the Centre’s activities (policy-advising, in-depth research and policy-advocacy via media), Mr. Csiki also highlighted its main areas of expertise ranging from Hungarian security and defence policy to Central European security and cooperation, to European and Transatlantic security, to the Middle East and North Africa, South and Southeast Asia, and to non-proliferation and arms control.

Cooperation with the Korean National Defense University

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The National University of Public Service (NUPS) signed a memorandum of understanding for cooperation in education and research with the Korean National Defense University (KNDU) on 20 May 2016. The document signed by Lieutenant General Wee Seungho, President of KNDU and Brigadier General Prof. Dr. József Padányi, Vice-Rector for Science at NUPS, enables the exchange of lecturers and researchers between the two institutions.

In accordance with the respective profiles of KNDU and NUPS, the cooperation primarily focuses on the area of security and defense studies, offering the parties the opportunity for the organization of various academic events in mutual areas of interest. Furthermore, the mutual sharing of research results can help the two institutions in advancing their already reached achievements and in enhancing their respective publication activities.

In addition, the memorandum of understanding also serves as an excellent basis for further expanding the Asian relations of the National University of Public Service.