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Similarly to last year, the National University of Public Service, in cooperation with the Societas-Central and Eastern European Company Law Research Network hosted a conference titled this year as „Corporate Governance of State-owned Enterprises in Central and Eastern Europe”. The event was organized by the Institute of Civilistics at the Faculty of Political Sciences and Public Administration.

The conference was opened by Dr. Norbert Kis, Vice-Rector for Continuing Education and International Affairs, who highlighted in his address that this event had great significance as far as the university is concerned, because the importance of appropriate regulations of state-owned enterprises. Furthermore, he also underlined that the presentations at the conference were not only useful for students, but contained valuable information for lecturers as well.

Following the opening speech, dr. Gergely Szutrély, chief legal director of MNV Zrt. gave a lecture titled “The State as Owner”, in which he presented the structure of state-owned enterprises in Hungary, the corporate portfolio of MNV Zrt. and drew attention to the significance of transparency. In the following lecture, prof. Martin Winner from the Vienna University of Economics and Business shared his thoughts on the principles of autonomy and independence in regard to state-owned enterprises.

The presentation of Kateřina Eichelerová showed the Czech aspects, while the joined lecture of Kaja Zaleska-Korziuk and Bartłomiej Gliniecki expounded the recent changes in regulation in Poland. Edvardas Juchnevicius showcased the Lithuanian viewpoints on the subject and then the audience could ask questions.

Following a short break, prof. Branislav Malagurski explained the Serbian regulations in regard to some points of the OECD recommendation. Emőd Veress, professor of Sapientia University, presented the role of state in the context of Romanian enterprises. Finally, the local Hungarian aspects of this issue were presented by Dr. Ádám Auer and Prof. Dr. Tekla Papp – who are both lecturers at NUPS – in their joined lecture. After all the speeches, the audience once again received the opportunity to ask their questions, which the presenters were happy to answer.

Text by: Zóra Zsófia Lehoczki