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NUPS-CEPOL co-operation

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The National University of Public Service (NUPS) will join the European law enforcement leadership training programme announced by the European Police College (CEPOL). Accordingly, the two institutions have signed an agreement at the centre of CEPOL in Budapest.

Police Brigadier General Dr. Gábor Kovács, Vice-Rector for Education at NUPS and signatory of the agreement on behalf of the university reminded that one of the main strategic goals of NUPS is internationalization. He added that CEPOL’s training programme – consisting of seven modules and to be initiated in September 2015 – is related to the Master level law enforcement training at NUPS.

The European Police College programme receives one participant from each EU member state and offers a Master in European law enforcement. NUPS is not only involved in this programme through the Faculty of Law Enforcement but would also rely on the contribution of lecturers from the Faculty of Public Administration and the Faculty of Military Science and Officer Training.

The European Police College is the first EU institution the centre of which has moved to Budapest. Focusing primarily on organizing education, CEPOL synchronizes trainings and provides the prerequisites of harmonization. In addition, it supports the further training of law enforcement officers within EU member states’ respective law enforcement leaderships first and foremost in the area of crime prevention, the fight against organized crime and the protection of public order.