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Call for PhD applications

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The Rector invites calls for applications for admission to the PhD Programmes of the National University of Public Service. The university offers PhD programmes to earn the highest academic degree for graduate students and those who have research ambitions in the academic field of political science, particularly in public administration, security and defence studies, military sciences, and law enforcement. These programmes provide a great opportunity to begin a research and teaching academic career thus to become a successful member of the scientific community.

Year 2016 has opened new dimensions for Hungarian PhD programmes in many aspects. The Board of Appeal of the Hungarian Accreditation Committee supported the establishment of the Doctoral School of Police Sciences and Law Enforcement with its Resolution 18/2015. The new doctoral school will open its doors in 2016. Hungarian Parliament also approved a law about the reform of doctoral programmes. According to the resolution, the duration, the number of required ECTs and the structure of the programmes changed.

NUPS possesses independent doctoral schools in four academic fields such as military sciences, military engineering sciences, law enforcement, and public administration sciences. The goals, documents and the most important data of professors, students and PhD candidates of the Doctoral School of Military Science, Doctoral School of Military Engineering, Doctoral School of Police Sciences and Law Enforcement, and the Doctoral School of Public Administration Sciences are available at the National Doctoral Council’s website (

More details can be given by Office of Scientific Affairs of NUPS:

Noémi Ritter


+36 1 432 9000 / 29 739

Application deadline: 15. April 2016